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  2. Back of shoulder pain

    I'm experiencing a sharp pain at the back side of my shoulder when I dumbbell bench press. Maybe it's just below my shoulder? No pain going about my day. I think it's from a lack of rest/overuse, I did not experience a sudden injury. I have been pushing myself to my limit lately. Doesn't seem serious but what are the chances that it's serious and any insight/suggestions? Lastly, should I do any training in the mean time? Thanks.
  3. Looking for a straight up basic gym in Napier or Hastings. Best I have found in terms of value for money is the at the Flaxmere Community Centre. It's <$10 per week and very basic. I don't need or want flash. Are there any others to consider or this as good as it gets ?
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  5. Side effects of test e

    You'll be right mate. Don't take an AI to maximise gains if you're running a low dose. Start taking the AI when your nipples get sore or if you notice bloating.
  6. Mark bell extreme ‘X’ knee sleeves large new - $140 Mark bell belt new - $230 XL titan deadlift slippers used twice as too big - $25 2 x slingshot compression cuffs 2.0 10” - $40 Mark bell “Maddog” slingshot XL used twice -$110 all up for sale and well looked after - knee sleeves and belt brand with no use while slippers and slingshot only been used twice as the slippers unfortunately don’t fit and the slingshot just doesn’t suit me, compression cuffs well looked after and still in great condition
  7. Put on the nz powerlifting buy sell swap page on fb bro be gone in a minute
  8. Should come to the Tron for a beer mate!
  9. I have a number of bench shirts and squat suits that I want to get rid of for free. I have a size 38 Inzer rage X, size 44 Inzer rage X, size 40 Titan F6, size 36 Titan Superior, size 38 Titan Centurion, size M Titan singlet and Titan arm sleeves. Happy to send them off if you cover the shipping costs. Located in Rotorua until 20 Nov, will be checking them away if nobody wants them by then.
  10. Tapering compounds and libido

    Also isn't that well documented what is going on within the HPTA at a synapse level from not getting enough GnRH,
  11. Tapering compounds and libido

    Taper is prudent to avoid estrogen dominance as you end a cycle, that was its original purpose I believe.. Recovery of HPTA, is more to do with oncycle damage that has occured from oxidative metabolites from excess androgen conversion to estrogen, mainly in leydig and sertoli cells.. On-cycle protection might be of more relevance...
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  13. Not a personal question more just a thought I had but I know a lot of modern bodybuilding theory is that there is no need to taper compounds as it has no benefit in recovery of the HPTA but from what I could imagine blasting large amount of androgens, sex drive rises but then levels out again when peak levels have been reached so my hypothesis is the tapering would let your body come down slowly rather and not lose all sex drive than an abrupt drop off. Obviously other health factors would be more important than dragging out a cycle/blast length longer than it needs to be but wondering your guys views on this sorry for the essay haha
  14. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Did you get blood test done at doctor? I did after feeling fucked all the time and turned out I had ross river virus and a probable gluten intolerance.
  15. Game Changers

    Interesting the statement about sugars and fruits, I'm assuming the fruits and berries higher in fiber have less influence on release of insulin ? A balance is what I am going for, I have significantly reduced animal protein consumption to only make up about 20-30% for my daily calorific intake the remainder from plant based sources. Vegans are extremist activist, this is why I refer to it as plant based to avoid the association.
  16. PCT or no PCT

    Thanks so much. Greatly appreciated
  17. PCT or no PCT

    The initial high dose of androgens can induce itchy nipples in some people, in most it can disappear never to return... (tip: don't play with them, you can make matters worse).. Test boosters don't work... Eat healthy, no sugars, minimal grains, high fats, plenty nutrients from multiple vegetable sources, nuts seeds berries.. Include some shellfish for zinc content.. How long is a piece of string..?? We are all different, things will stabilize in time.. You could pin 125mg once a week, or 60mg X2/week.. as opposed to 250mg once every 2 weeks to lower the plasma spike.. Remember estrogen metabolises at a slower rate than testosterone, your test might be crashed, with estrogen still high, ish..
  18. best PCT

    Estrogen is essential to our physiology you don't want to be antagonising receptors over long periods..
  19. Game Changers

    There seems to be a shift away from anything that induces a chronic release of insulin (insulinemia), high carbs and sugar are out as are some fruits, except berries.. (too many extreme athletes are presenting with metabolic syndrome due to high carb intake).. Fats are back in as the preferred energy source, and protein is lowered, as excess can produce glucose via gluconeogenesis.. Red meat is ok but lower dose advised due to TMAO.. Green leafy veggie intake is advise high for fiber (healthy gut microbiome)and nutritional content.. There is suggestion amino acid spectrum with plant based can be incomplete, or to derive at adequate daily protein allowance from plants increases daily calorie count too high.. The vegan lobby can be almost fanatical in their ideology, I don't doubt a mostly fresh, organic, plant based diet would be healthy, but with the inclusion of animal protein, but not high, just enough to get essential nutrients.. We are meat eaters, and have been for millions of years, meat determined our biology, we have a hydrochloric acid metabolism for digesting and breaking down meat.. I worked as an archaeologist for over 10 years, my soil samples from sites of habitation contained butchered animal bones, we ate meat.... The vegan lobby might argue we didn't or lie about our ancient history to suit their agenda, that in itself might explain a lot..
  20. Game Changers

    About to expand a little ? Ive done a plant based diet for about 6 months a couple years ago and recently started a flexible type of plant based diet. I believe I was consuming far to much animal proteins previously... as most young athletes do.
  21. PCT or no PCT

    Hi…total newbie here…I’m 51…been lifting for a long time…had some bloodwork done was told by my doc that I was “low normal” for test. 5”9 170lbs lean. Picked up some test-e (on my own, not prescribed) took 1ml (250mg) every two weeks. The duration of my experience started in June with an injection of 250mg of test-e, two weeks later another of the same with another 250mg two weeks after that. I started noticing itchy puffy nipples. The whole gyno thing had me freaking out so I decided to taper. I halved the dose to 125mg, then down to 75mg and continued halving the dose until my last injection. That was about six weeks ago. I am still experiencing itchy puffy nipples. Lethargy. Decreased libido. I have been taking an over the counter test booster (mutant test- main ingredients fenugreek, tribulus, tongkat ali), as well as a DIM supplement and I recently added 25mg of dhea. Is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? My fear is developing full on gyno as well as a continued loss of libido. When can I expect things to normalize?
  22. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Last set of deads from the other day, 200kg for 5 reps. VID_104250310_135612_927.mp4
  23. best PCT

    Some get permanent vision side effects from clomid
  24. best PCT

    Thanks for the reply daz. Yes things should return back to normal: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/6788960/ Is anybody getting clomid prescribed, as it doubles your baseline testosterone and can be used long term with minimal side effects https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5182219/ It seems like in europe it is easy to get, but in nz it is off label for men. You would think maintaining endogenous test production with clomid would be better than long term test supplementation.
  25. best PCT

    Research shows you'll probably recover fine without inducing GnRH , LH, FSH via Clomiphene.. A slow taper off end of cycle whilst employing a very low dose AI might have been a better option, to lower estradiol as testosterone lowered also..
  26. best PCT

    Am in my 40's and had low testosterone prior to starting cycles. Did 2 short cycles of 250mcg test e with great results (as well as hard gym work and good diet). Had 10 weeks break in between cycles to recover and cut back down. Just finished an 8 week cycle at 500mg test e. Had no side effects and felt great during cycle. On the lower dose I had no problems stopping without PCT. However am now 3 weeks post and am having low testosterone symptoms and some reduction in testicular size. Would clomid be best to restart my natural testosterone production? It also seems effective as restoring testosterone in general (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22951175). Is anybody taking this long term? Or would arimistane be better? Cheers
  27. Game Changers

    Recently watched, the data I have doesn't seem to support plant based only..
  28. Game Changers

    Anyone see the documentary on Netflix's ? Rather biased towards plant based, but still interesting especially around inflammation from animal proteins and influence on blood properties. Anyone with medical background to challenge findings from the information they presented in the documentary ?
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