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  3. After cycle no sperm

    Nandrolone can be quite suppressive of GnRH, metabolites can linger for months after cessation.. Maybe wait longer than 2 months before testing again.. Are you aware damage can be likely on-cycle to leydig and sertoli cells of the testes via oxidative free radicals, this damage can be permanent, no amount of PCT can undo damage to dead cells, thats why on-cycle protection should be employed...
  4. Last week
  5. Frank loomed forward, like a shadow in the darkening room. His breath, hot on my face, smelt like rotten meat.'Same fee?' I said before he could speak.'Same fee.' He showed his teeth in what was almost a smile. A black outline fell over him as the redhead stepped up. 'What you doing these days, Frankie?' she said. She had the grating voice of an addict. I would know. https://www.english-online.at/ My second hit was worse. By now I'd convinced myself that I could go in at midnight, shoot them in their sleep, and walk back out like the first one. Easy money. I'd get dad's headstone and, in a messed up way, I'd get my respect back by sacrificing any I had for myself. Except, this one, a woman called Vera, wasn't asleep. The plan was to get there at midnight. I staggered through her door gone two. The taste of cocaine burned my throat. I wanted to throw up but couldn't. Nothing to bring up and I just choked on air. I closed the door behind me. The orange glow of a streetlight outside revealed the outline of half of the blackened room. Everything else wavered as if out of focus. In ten seconds I was upstairs, stood in the doorway of her bedroom, a wall of framed photos behind me. Shaking, like a scared dog, I pulled out my gun. I thought I'd find her laid in bed asleep, some old dear wrapped up in a tatty blanket who nobody would miss. She wasn't. She sat on the edge of a bed covered in syringes and baby wipes, pulling boots onto her thin ankles. She was naked, with skin like an orange, discoloured and bumpy. A bulb swung above her. There was no time to think. No time to worry about the family who'd mourn her. I had to pull the trigger before she saw me. Then the room tilted. My vision blurred, and the swinging bulb seemed to give out blackness instead of light.
  6. Hi all I finished a 12 week cycle of test e and Decca about 2 months ago now did no post cycle therapy because my supplier let me down I have just been for a sperm test but have none would that be caused by the no post cycle therapy.any advice will really appreciate it
  7. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W4 D3 5/3/21 A/ seated dumbbell press 1x15 14kg 1x10 16kg 3x6 @ 22kg B/ improvised dip 3x10 82kg, 82kg, 91kg C/ lying single arm triceps extension 3x10 10kg dumbbell. D1/ facepull 3x12 D2/ lateral raise 3x10 D3/ overhead plate raise 3x amrap @ 10kg 20, 15, 14 E1/ single arm cable pushdowns 3x12 E2/ static hold hammer curls 3x10
  8. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W4 D2 4/3/21 A/ deads 120kg x5 140kg x5 160kg x5 (added my belt here) 170kg x5 180kg x5 B/ front box squats 7x3 @ 80kg, 60 seconds rest. C1/ single leg curl 3x8 C2/ supported single leg rdl 3x10 D/ seated calf raise 3x12 80kg, 90kg, 90kg E/ dumbbell suitcase carries x3 @ 54kg. Good session, posterior chain is cooked. Leg curl was 5 plates on the stack with one of extra plates that drop down for the first 2 sets, then added a second for the last set. RDL was with a 20kg kettlebell. These felt good. For felt good, hinging ok. Time to start adding more weight. Kids home sick this week so having to spend time looking after them which means missing a day or two. Back to 5-3-1 from Monday for the big 3.
  9. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Just not feeling it, can't seem to find my groove at the moment. I'll get there
  10. Idle ramblings and observations.

    whats wrong with the squats? felt heavy?
  11. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Wednesday 03/03/2021 Bench press 140kg*3 130kg*3 120kg*5 Incline DB BP 34kg*12*3 Dips bw*6*2 Cable cross overs 15kg*10*3 DB pull overs 42kg*8 50kg*8*2 DB curz 20kg*10*3 Bench dips bw*15*2 DB OHP 24kg*6 18kg*10 Note: a bit not recovered from Monday, all was hard. Chest, shoulders and arms all a bit sore / worn
  12. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Tuesday 0 sd OHP up to 85kg*1rep*3sets pull ups + chin ups bw*5,5,6,6,7,7,7,7 = 50 Squats 160kg*4 RPE 8 or 9 140kg*4*2 Note: Great session, it all felt good. Form stayed tight on OHP (last rep was a bit slower). First time doing 50 pull ups in a session for ages. And squats I was not facing a mirror and the form felt great, like I was actually pushing up on the bar most of the reps rather than backwards.
  13. Darkweb

    Vendor has stopped and sick of paying fees for bitcoin!
  14. Scam product site

    Ive used darkweb fine, although the old vendor has just stopped there is a new one on there... only problem is paying excess fees for bitcoin
  15. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W4 D1 2/3/21 A/ squats 100kg x5 120kg x5 130kg x5 140kg x5 140kg x5 B/ hip thrusts 3x8 @ 120kg C1/ leg extensions 3x8 @40, 40, 45 C2/ squat jumps 3x12 D/ reverse lunges 3x10 @ 12kg E/ kettlebell swing x50 @20kg 42 reps then 8 reps. Squats still feel like poos. Going to start using my belt again and look at my breathing. Hip thrusts were good, form improving all the time. Extension/jump superset is hitting the spot, weight going up. Lunges are with my front foot slightly elevated. These are also improving, have to work on my form and stability with my right knee. Kettlebell swings were good, was blowing like a hurricane on these and should really have gotten 50 reps non stop. Next week! Good activation in my glutes with these.
  16. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Sunday 0 sd Monday 0sd Bench press 120kg*7reps for 3 sets DB pendlay rows 35kg*5*5 Deadlifts (speed) 160kg*3*4 Note: I was in work clothes tonight (pants etc) it was so hot. I was happy with tonight session, all 8.5 RPE or lower. I have been finding it really hard to do lower RPE sessions, dam ego
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  18. Scam product site

    Anyone have any luck with a local supplier? All of the sites I’ve found online look dodgy as f*ck
  19. New Member - Chch

    Hey guys! New here and have found many informative threads! -NOT REQUESTING SOURCES- but how the f*ck are we meant to hypothetically find anything 😂 My gym is small and I’ve not seen a single person I would think to be on gear and have the courage to ask. Does anyone have any tips without breaking the rules and getting us both banned? Cheers
  20. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Have to ask bud, whats the sd an abbreviation for?? Nice presses too💪
  21. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Thursday 20 sd Friday 16sd Saturday 0 sd OHP 40kg*5 50kg*3 60kg*2 70kg*2 80kg*4 PB 4RM (RPE 9.5 or 10) 70kg*4*3 pull ups / chin ups bw*5*7 last set each rep 3 sec eccentric Front squats 60kg*6 70kg*6 80kg*6 100kg*6 Hyper ext bw*10 10kg*8,6 standing calf raise 70kg*10*3 Note: Ego taking over a bit on lifts, finding it hard to do more sets of say 8 RPE like I should. Too greedy
  22. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Wanted to build my grip strength. Thinking of doing a powerlifting comp and you can't use straps in them. I'll probably use them again if my grip becomes a limiting factor when the weight goes up, but for now it's all good.
  23. Idle ramblings and observations.

    I am sure straps on the top set would be fine? Why did you stop using straps?
  24. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W3D4 26/2/21 A/ seated dumbbell press 1x15 @ 14kg 1x10 @16kg 3x6 @ 20kg, 22kg, 22kg B/ improvised machine dips 3x10 82kg on the stack for each arm C/ Lying single arm triceps extension 3x10 @ 10kg D1/ facepull 3x12 D2/ lateral raise 3x10 D3/ overhead plate raise 3x amrap 20, 15, 13 reps E1/ single arm pushdowns 3x12 E2/ static hold hammer curls 3x10 Good session. Right tricep is still struggling with vertical/overhead targeted exercises but it probably always will. More reps before failing and having to force it today though. Happy with dumbbell press, reps are nice and controlled. Confidence is building, hopefully start pushing a bit harder soon. One more week at the current routine then I'll reassess my sets and reps perhaps, maybe deload.
  25. Idle ramblings and observations.

    This affects my grip more lol. Don't use straps anymore. I pulled 210kg a million years ago for reps using double loop straps, now I'm just using liquid chalk and going for it. There are some pics on the first 2 pages of this journal of the results of my shoulder/arm surgeries. This my right hand and it's my right shoulder that got the chop. I'm also right handed lol.
  26. Idle ramblings and observations.

    how does it impact your DL? grip? straps?
  27. Idle ramblings and observations.

    That was with my arm/Shoulder the way it is, soon hopefully.
  28. Idle ramblings and observations.

    volume is building on deads, when is 200 coming back like in the video you sent? or does your shoulder / arm injury prevent that?
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