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  2. Chest and flabs sorted. Low incline bench in the Smith machine 1x15, 1x10, 2x6-8 Incline flyes 3x10 Dumbell decline 3x10 one arm at a time Low cable crossover 3x10, ladder set with 4 height changes. Weighted decline sit ups 3x12 An wheel roll outs 3x12 alternating to the sides which makes it 24 reps each set.
  3. yeah this one just walk in bro put ya hood on so no one sees you lol,thats where all the junkies go f*ck them,i just walk in there and they just give ya a big bag of what ya want.and she will go do you know how to safely use them blah blah blah yes mam i do !hahaha and then get out.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Leg workout 1 done and dusted. Static Smith machine lunges 1x15 40kg, 3x10 70kg, 70kg, 80kg Single leg extensions 3x8-10 130, 145, 145 1xdrop 145-130-115 Standing leg curl 4x10 60, 60, 60, 65 have to Mickey mouse these on the leg extension. Stiff dead variation in th 45 degree back extension 3x12 @15kg doing one leg at a time and trying to emphasise the stretch. Seated calf raise 3x12 @80kg. Job done. Night off work tonight and tomorrow, chest and abs tomorrow.
  6. Last night's workout was....... Seated overhead dumbell extension 1x15 30kg, 1x10 36kg, 3x6-8 44kg, 44kg, 46kg Single pushdowns 3x10 32.5, 32.5, 32.5 Overhead cable extension 3x8-10 47.5, 52.5, 52.5 Single arm cable dip 3x8-10 52.5, 52.5, 57.5 Single arm push down 1xamrap done across the body with a rope, after that pump! Hammer curl 4x8-10 20, 22, 22, 22kg done across the body. Dumbell preachers 3x10 18kg, 18kg, 18kg Cable crunch 3x12@ 62.5 Incline leg raise 3x15 or failure Cable lawn mower 3x12@ 32.5
  7. Customs seem to be passing on glass vial packages that they find to medsafe now...
  8. Customs are only opening up glassware packages to check the contents matches the consignment note and to assess if the contents are for bussiness use or not. So then they can charge duty or not charge it. They can't get a search warrant using glass vials as evidence of drug supply. That would be like them trying to get a search warrant on someone importing hydroponic lights. They are just small glass bottles, not illegal by any means. Order a few hundred vials and it will be opened unless the sender is fudging the invoice. You just want to pre pay the duty, which you have that option to pre pay duty with some carriers then the parcel won't be opened at all.
  9. Last week
  10. W8d3 getting used to really having the wraps cranked hard and still hitting depth. Hurts but I'll get used to it. Squat 65 x 5 105 x 5 145 x 3 165 x 1 add wraps 180 x 1 195 5x3 185 x 5 all felt good I'll post a video later pause squat 155 3x3 deficit deadlift 155 3x3 ham curl 3x10 done. Rekd. Knee pits raw af from wrapping. Skin will toughen up
  11. 2 days rest came and went. Tonight was day 1, bis, tris and abs. Good workout, bit sloppy with form on overhead dumbell extension but still ok. Weights are going up here and there or I'm managing to squeeze out an extra rep. First leg session tomorrow. Happy to post up tonight's workout if any one is interested. Cheers.
  12. Some good suppliers on ebay I have ordered a fair few over the years also vials of bacteriostatic water. Never been opened any of them. I have been to customs and seen their procedures at the Auckland international mail centre clearance not surprised so much stuff gets though unchecked. But you are 100% safe with sterile vials even if stopped and inspected
  13. You could try Matt at 41 Degrees Weightlifting, or Phil Silverman at Wellington Weightlifting - they'll likely have some ideas. Don't knock some of the CrossFit coaches - I know one of Matt's colleagues, who just did the Masters Games in Auckland, and did really well. She coaches at a CF box in Petone, but knows WL and PL.
  14. BENCH 120x3 (long pause) 70x10 70x10 70x10 70x10 70x10 Machine incline press/seated cable 3x10-20 Facepull 100 Pump was fucken sore. Elbow pain aswell. 88.5kg training weight.
  15. w8d2 bench press (regular bar) 60 x 5 80 x 5 90 x 1 100 x 1 110 6x4 bench feeling strongest its been before, those were all rpe 7-8 cable row 70 5x12 db bench 35 x 10 30 2x10 lots of biceps and triceps and face pulls
  16. Little update. 8 weeks difference, pretty much the same weight in both pics (120kg). Have been dieting for a big holiday in 4 weeks, mainly for comfort reasons although body weight hasn't really dropped lol. Not surprised cause when I diet I train harder and am more motivated, through this I gain strength and muscle and yeah. I've been pretty relaxed about things although I'm keeping an eye on carb timing and cycling of the carbs. I'm in a routine so I am ticking along nicely. Currently the strongest I have ever been and I'm toying with the idea of entering a powerlifting comp at my gym two days before I leave for a bit of fun:
  17. If Customs know you, they'll open the parcel for inspection then send it through. You probably wouldn't want 100g of anything in the wardrobe when you're waiting for this parcel.
  18. hey guys , I'm doing weight training at Anytime fitness gym in St lukes and northshore. bottleneck period, really looking for someone wanna train together and serious. just wanna train harder together ~~! 02102851115.
  19. hey guys , I'm doing weight training at Anytime fitness gym in St lukes and northshore. bottleneck period, really looking for someone wanna train together and serious. just wanna train harder together ~~! 02102851115.
  20. I've bought and used ones from credible Ebay sellers. Haven't had any qualms after 2 years/40 vials.
  21. SQUAT 157x3 (required reps) 170x2 (joker set) 90x10 90x10 90x10 90x10 90x10 Ab machine/leg ex 2x20 Aghh tight hips recovery slow due to lungs stil full of flem. All beltless, sleeves used on top sets.
  22. One hour walk
  23. W8d1 bw 111.0 so on track to be about 114.5 in 9 weeks if I just bulk gently lol deadlift 70 x 5 120 x 5 170 x 1 192.5 4x4 squat 65x 5 105 x 5 125 x 1 155 3x5 bulgarian split squats 4x10 each side rdl 120 3x10 ab wheel 3x10
  24. PRESS 62.5x10 37x10 37x10 37x10 37x10 37x10 SHRUGS 100x10 100x10 100x10 100x10 100x10 FACEPULL 100
  25. Saturday was leg day number 2! Great pump, totally trashed afterwards. The shits and spew bug has hit the house, doing my best to avoid everyone. Leg workout was this. Leg press 2x12 @260 3x8-10 @ 360, 380, 400 Walking lunges 4x10 with 26kg dumbells Seated single leg curl 3x10 @90 1xdrop set. Stiff leg deads 3x8-10 @ 100, 100, 110 Toe press 4x15 @230
  26. this is on behalf of.....Have tried to translate those from the question I was asked. Lookign for an Olympic lifting coach in Wellington. Not wanting to lift from the floor at this stage but more interested in the lifts given to athletes(not specifically weightlifters) in training environments (e.g. hang high pulls). Had a look around and a lot of the options seem to be personal training sessions with Crossfit coaches. Not saying they are bad but was wondering f there are any specific Olympic lifting coaches ? I also came across the club at Powerhouse and one in Petone but no indication of actual coaching. Does anyone have any recommendations...or places to stay away from ?
  27. As part of rehab from an operation/injury I had to do bodyweight squats on the injured leg. Not pistol squats but rather just squatting down on the single leg (other leg goes out behind you). Over time I got better at it , but doing that combined with hamstring exercises made a difference to my squatting in that I had a better descent. Prior to that I sometimes had uneven hips or an uneven descent. tldr; as posted above glute work helps alot
  28. Just went gym today again for the first time in two weeks. Haven't been able to go due to exams. Did deadlifts 60kg x8 100kg x8 140kg x5, 3 sets (belt) Bench 60kg x8 80kg x5 100kg x5 120kg x1 failed second 100kg x5 Pullups x10, 6, 4 DB rows 30kg x10, 3 sets Skullcrushers 3 sets DB curls 3 sets Face pulls 3 sets Weighing about 80kg atm. Hoping to get to the gym at least 3 times a week in semester 2 and gain back a bit of the muscle I've lost, or at least stop losing muscle lol. I've got Wellington BJJ regionals next Saturday so I've been doing a lot of training for that. Feel like my game's improved steadily since I came down to Dunedin. It'll be my first comp at blue belt so just keen to test the waters and as long as I don't get injured I'll be happy
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