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  2. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Their orders ship quick, but I'm still unsure how legit the pills are. Could be cut down with some other stuff, who knows. Their website approach is pretty straight up with the wording and all not trying to bullshit with fakes, the testing lab report used on their website is from a real company in USA. Any one taken their pills yet and had results? I'm looking for more proof they are legit. Just over a 100 likes on their Facebook page, but as you guys are saying these guys are kinda new ?? I also heard they are a sister company for an Aus sarms website.
  3. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    The service is quite fast and the pills have white powder in them. I haven't tried them yet though. Still researching to prove how legit they are. The testing firm they used on their website is a real company based in the USA and the other file looks like it could be from China but that's just a guess. Has any one been on their pills and found them ok with results
  4. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    I got screwed around a while trying to get a SS bar, waited a couple months, still out of stock, so took a punt and got a bar from Invade Fitness. Had it well over a year now, and it's still like new. Not really a hardcore power bar, but I think lurkers here looking for a barbell would be interested in them, they're a very good price too. It feels good to use. 190k psi, doesn't have a huge amount of spin but I don't care about that, and it's equal on each side which is the important part. Nice guy to deal with too.
  5. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    Brett Gibbs recommends the Force USA Powerlifting Barbell - he posted it in Instagram awhile back
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  7. Melanotan 2

    Did you manage to find any?
  8. New gym equipment

    Woah, kind of sounds like you could offload pretty much everything we have! My friend is looking to get rid of all his gym stuff ASAP (even though he JUST moved in and the equipment is virtually new, and only used 2-3 times.) He doesn't have a power cage unfortunately but does have a Silverback assault rack. He's also got the following: - 2 x 7ft Olympic bars (20kg each) - 6 x (for each weight) 10, 15, 20kg bumper plates - 2 x (for each weight) 5, 9, 12.5, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5 kg dumbbells - ~20 x 50cm^2 (5cm thickness) Star-lite rubber mats (these are all Xtreme Elite brand; from Elite Fitness NZ) We're in Wellington but would be happy to help you work out shipping or moving methods, and will also try to make it as quick as possible because we don't have a lot of time either... We're also kind of desperate to get rid of stuff so will gladly sell at ~60% the original pricing even though the stuff is all new. Please reply if you're interested!
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  10. Game Changers

    Got evidence that non-refined carbs are bad? Got evidence that higher % fat calories as opposed to protein and carbs is the preferred energy source? Even though I think TMAO is inconclusive, I think legumes are a healthier option than meat. Got evidence of a plant that is missing an amino acid? 2.5k calories of pea protein, tofu, lentils, broccoli, sweet potato is 538g, 293g , 200g, 170g, 56gp protein respectfully. Just because historically we ate meat, doesn't mean it belongs in an optimum diet. I don't know about hydrochloric acid but it's solely for "digesting and breaking down meat"? Seems a bit dubious. To my knowledge there's no sole adaption we've made for eating meat. @jimmybro1 Dr Avi is a medical doctor but specialises in research. He has meticulously addressed each point in a recent "debunking" of the film.
  11. Hi there guys, Im new on the forum. Can anyone please tell me if Ibutamoren is legal in NZ? Where can I find it please? I stay in Auckland Thanks in advance
  12. YOU MUST WATCH THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMuNJanmqqM
  13. Arachidonic Acid

    Hey guys, I'm a new member here. I was looking on the web if I could find Arachidonic Acid somewhere but in couldn't in NZ Does anyone know anywhere I can get it?
  14. New Here

    Hi all, it's Blin here, new living between Takanini and Papakura. Bodybuilding is one of my passions and a way of life. I'm looking for good brands of proteins, supplements, diuretics and shops to buy them (physic or web) because you have differents from my country in Europe, I don't know the most of them, what's the best, you recommend, labs, etc. And if it was possible I would like to find a good dealer near o not from me. I'm not sure if this is the way but I don't meet anybody here and I maybe it's a bad idea taking from overseas. Of course you can delete my text if it's not the correct way and welcome to all. Stay strong. Blin.
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  16. PCT or no PCT

    Any other info?.....This board went quiet....waiting for some input....Helooooo? :)
  17. arimidex instead of nolva/clomid for pct?

    it's gonna have an effect whether you are on gear or not. PCT for me is: 1.keeping LH/FSH healthy on cycle (basically keeping balls prostate running as normal) 2.clearing out excess hormones when coming off (metabolites and the like can mess with feedback loop that turns on/off the testosterone signal) 3.running products that help boost recovery 4. tapering down AAS (optional - some guys like to go from high to low and rip the bandaid) arimidex kinda helps with number 2 by clearing out excess estrogen, although you have some rebound estrogen (bigger issue for those on cycle) with arimidex.. where as aromasin doesn't have the same problem [unless there is new information on this]... but generally excess estrogen isn't a huge issue for most PCT. Nolva and Clomid are more number 3, there are a few studies showing they help boost recovery. I'd also be careful running tren right to the end of cycle, tren metabolites can be lurk around like an angry ex girlfriend for months on some people. 200mg is pretty low though.
  18. I'm in the third week of my test E cycle right now and I've been thinking about doing 16 weeks and maybe even do tren 250mg for the last 8 weeks and my question is; is arimidex only good for on cycle estrogen control? or can we use it near the end of the cycle so that we don't get aromitization as we pin the last AAS dose
  19. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    Thinking buying of their site too. Can anyone confirm they are legit? Website looks dodgy af
  20. looking for alacen 894

    Hi, Do you know if Alacen 894 still available through Davis Trading? I could not find it on their website and I've sent them an enquiry regardless. Alternatively as this thread is quite old - do you know where I can purchase the 20kg bags from? Thanks
  21. Class running every Sunday 10.30 to 12.30, welcome try
  22. PCT or no PCT

    think we already discussed this somewhere, but I would get on a longer halflife testosterone if you wanted to try again. test-d for example or half the testosterone and use half EQ... honestly EQ is underrated for HRT ... converts to estrogen at half the rate of testosterone and converts to DHB not DHT (better for hairline). Longer half-life, less water, more RBC is a testosterone derivative unlike deca.. stuff is money for moderate cycles
  23. PCT or no PCT

    So...testosterone numbers came in... Testo - 19.3nmol/l normal values are 9.5 - 30 Sex Hormone - 51.8nmol/l normal values are 11.0 - 50.0 (some articles state the normal range 10.0 - 57.0) Testo, bioavail - 7.5nmol/l normal values 4.8 - 14.0 So it looks like (according to this test) that my sex hormone being a touch high indicates lower than normal testosterone. I'm thinking that these numbers are leveling out because i am feeling much better. The whole gyno thing did have me freaking out because my nipples and the area around my nipples have changed. Nipples are bigger and i have a slight blanching of the skin surrounding the nipple (kind of a bulls eye). The itchiness has subsided but it still rears it's head (slightly) at certain times of the day. I'm hoping everything will return to normal as the numbers return to normal. I felt amazing when i took the test. It is really tempting to try it again but start at a much lower dose like maybe 75mg (0.3ml) every 7-10 days rather than 250mg (1ml) every two weeks. Still not sure as i don't want to end up in this predicament again. Thanks for all the info. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  24. PCT or no PCT

    So..numbers came in...everything but the test numbers ...estradiol serum - 112 pmol/l normal - less than 162pmol/l...prolactin 6.8ng/ml - normal 3.5 - 19.4...TSH - 1.233 - normal - 0.350 - 4.940 mIU/LNo flags in the CBC/DiffI’ll post the test numbers when I receive them So by the looks of it my estradiol is on the high end of normal...so hopefully that means it is decreasing or regaining homeostatic levels...I’m sure my test will come back below normal but hopefully that is levelling out as well. Feeling better
  25. Help with power rack

    Thanks for the advice yea I bought a cheap beginners 50kg dumbbell and barbell set from there and a bench press when I first started. The bench is pretty wobbly and the barbell snapped in half and the replacement barbell took almost a month to get to me I'm not sure who's worse Mainfreight or torp7. Here is a rack I've been looking at just lately https://www.elitefitness.co.nz/strength/power-racks-cages/silverback-rack-2-0 where I live I'm around 2 hours drive from any place that sells weights equipment unfortunately so I'm doing my best to find good reviews and advice hopefully.
  26. Help with power rack

    Hello mate, try and see what your buying in person before making your choice. I have brought a few thing in the past online from number one fitness, or as I call it number 0 shitness. 😂 and they have been really cheaply made and weak The foot plate actually tore off the leg press. Some of the powerlifting guys on here will give you some good brands to look out for. Good luck mate, and enjoy them. 👍👍
  27. Importing Kratom

    I have found Kratomworldwide.com and they ship anywhere but it just says that it is up to you to find out whether it's legal where you live. Has anyone imported Kratom before and did it arrive at your door no problem?
  28. Help with power rack

    Hi I have $1500 nzd and I am looking to get my first power rack and weights to go with it . I have been looking for myself but for someone with no experience New Zealand seems very limited in choices.
  29. New gym equipment

    I am looking for a power rack and about 150kg worth of weights with a 7ft bar. Everything I've found in NZ is very expensive or will take months to get here. I found this on trade me and it looks like a good deal but I know very little about these things and was hoping to get some advice. Power rack : https://www.trademe.co.nz/sports/exercise-equipment-weights/home-gyms-benches/listing-2474414174.htm?rsqid=cb8080be5d304464808b3eb772ca20c3-001 4x1.25kg 6x2.5kg 4x5kg 2x10kg 2x15kg 2x20kg total 130kg steel weight plates 1x 7ft 20kg bar 700LB 1x power cage total: $1280.00
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