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  3. Hi lmdlmd you might find this link useful https://www.testosteronewisdom.com/nvcoaching/ With Nelson helping, I would then change GP and hope fo a better outcome. Get some of Nelsons books or watch his video’s on excel Male.com and YouTube. Good luck
  4. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W1d4 Finished the deadlifts in a little under 11 mins which wasn’t hard as it should have been deadlift 187.5 5x3 good morning 110 3x8 1 leg extension 35 3x15 ham curl ”9” 4x12 back ext 3x20
  5. LOW T & TRT

    Regarding the injections.... it’s time to just man up now, you don’t have no test anymore.
  6. LOW T & TRT

    Yeah alot of people use 18's for drawing. I personally switched to 21s for drawing because I heat mine before anyway and it doesn't have the same impact on the vial rubber stopper. (Have had shitty rubber stoppers get loose when drawing around the needle before). Anyways, for injection ask, but if they don't already, ask for 25 gauge for injection. I don't know if it's anything to do with the solution or not, or that variant of Test in particular. But as an aside some nurses don't seem to be that good at pinning lol. I'd rather do it myself than let half of them do it.
  7. After quite a lot of research the best I could come up with in NZ was Eric Thorstensen <e.thorstensen@auckland.ac.nz> . He stated that “Estradiol is very difficult to measure to low levels because of the nature of the way it ionises, at best I can measure to 10pg/mL”. He went on to say: “The new(ish) Estradiol 3 assay for Roche analysers has a limit of detection of 5pg/mL which is better than I can measure, I actually use it instead of my LCMSMS method for low samples (plasma)”. I asked the same questions of DiscountedLabs.com in the USA who wrote: “I spoke with a technician at labcorp and he said that the Sensitive Estradiol test lowest range it will read is 5 and any levels lower than that would be reported as less than 5”. No units were stated in the reply. The ticket question number was: 3080 <info@discountedlabs.com> I didn’t follow up because I found that I have a high PSA level ….. My focus has moved to that.
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  9. LOW T & TRT

    To be honest I don't remember, I did ask about the gauge on my first injection but this was over a year ago - but I'll ask the nurse next time, it should be around an 18 though for drawing and injecting that they have been using for me - it hurts when it goes in but it does go in very fast. the injections were all given into the outer side of the glute to avoid the sciatic nerve
  10. Be kinda interested in this too - as far as I'm aware the E2 test done by Labtests is intended for females and not males so results may not be worth bothering for
  11. LOW T & TRT

    It all depends how the doctor words your prescription as to whether you can collect all repeats at once or collect them after certain dates. Pharmacies are essentially just businesses, they buy medicine from wholesalers and have monthly accounts they pay. It isn’t good business practise to hold items that don’t sell. Businesses like pharmacy like fast turnover of product. Most wholesalers offer same or next day delivery anyway, so for medicine that is expensive to hold or not commonly asked for this is best option.
  12. LOW T & TRT

    Out of curiosity, what gauge needle do you inject with? And what sites do you inject?
  13. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Tuesday 18th September Jacked and Sometimes Tanned Micro-cycle 3 Week 4 Day 17 Overhead Press 20kgs 6рХ1п 25kgs 6рХ2п 27.5kgs 6рХ21п Total: 30 Movements Side Delt Raise 5lbs 8рХ5п Total: 40 Movements Rear Delt Raise 5lbs 8рХ5п Total: 40 Movements Front Delt Raise 5lbs 8рХ5п Total: 40 Movement Dips Assisted 84kgs 10рХ5п Total: 50 Movements Tricep push Downs 8 Plates 12рХ5п Total: 60 Movements Mini Band Tris White Band 60рХ1п Total: 60 Movements Notes: Squat: 4th week on Shoulders and Tris. Went up on the shoulder press by 2.5kgs still weak and repeated all the other sets and reps from last week. Notes: Micro-cycle 3 Week 4, little steps. Quote for the Month: "Fear is Temporary Regret is Forever" - Unknown OB1
  14. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W13d3 im going away this weekend so squeezing this week into a few days and doing next weeks squats on Friday (instead of Saturday ) before I go so gonna be rough few days Also doing incline bb instead of db this block, starting light and will build it up bench 107.5 5x3 incline bench 60 4x10 machine bench (v short rest ) 25/side 4x12 cable fly 40lb 4x12 tricep pressdown 90lb 4x20 (RIP) deads tonight, shoulders tomorrow, squats Friday like 5am before airport gonna be yuck
  15. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W13d2 (Sunday) bb row 70 4x10 narrow grip pulldown 64 4x10 cable row 55 4x10 straifht arm pulldown 80lb 4x12 barbell curl 20kg 4xamrap
  16. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W13d1 (Saturday ) Start of new blocks. Will use wraps from now squat to 172.5 x 9 in wraps RDL 130 3x8 leg press 180 4x15 ham curl ”8” 4x10 leg extension 40kg 4x15
  17. LOW T & TRT

    Oh geez, very keen to hear your thoughts on this I've never self injected anything but Reandron is easily the worst TRT to try and self inject from my own research - if you can do it yourself I'd be keen to hear your steps to do so I get a nurse to do mine, I'd had about 10 of these injections now at 10 week intervals and it doesn't get any better - they still hurt like shit every time and I can't sit properly afterwards for 2 days Daz's advice to keep the vial warm is very good, the warmer the solution the easier it will go in, you can even keep the vial near your groin to get it warm It's also interesting that you got 3 vials at once - I'd had 3 vials subscribed at once too, but the pharmacy always puts a minimum waiting period before I can collect the next. Also the first time I tried to find Reandron was a bit of a nightmare, I had to visit 5 pharmacies, eventually gave up and asked the closest one to me to just order some in. Now they always keep one for me as I collect from the same place. The impression I got is pharmacies are unlikely to carry stock of this in great numbers, either more people getting subscriptions for other esters or just not many people near me on TRT since the pharmacies around here told me they didn't stock that item
  18. Last week
  19. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Monday 17th September Jacked and Sometimes Tanned Micro-cycle 3 Week 4 Day 16 Squats: Cent 44 60kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п 120kgs 3рХ1п 140kgs 3рХ1п 160kgs 3рХ1п 170kgs 3рХ1п 170kgs 3рХ1п Total: 21 Lifts Press: Bench Press OverLoad XL 40kgs 3рХ1п 60kgs 3рХ1п 70kgs 3рХ1п 80kgs 3рХ1п 90kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 6рХ1п Total: 21 Lifts Pull: Sumo C 44 90kgs 3рХ1п 110kgs 3рХ1п 130kgs 3рХ1п 150kgs 3рХ1п 150kgs 3рХ1п Total: 15 Lifts All Lifts 57 Notes: Squat: Primary Day Cent C44, 4th day back repeated last weeks numbers with two top sets. A bit wider on the stance All reps over .4 and depth a lot better. Press: Comp Bench Overload XL. Last week managed 6 reps @ 97.5kgs went to a 100 and got 6. Pretty pleased with this. Pull: C44 Sumo wider stance same as last week speed a lot slower maybe had something to do with the weekends eating. Notes: Micro-cycle 3 Week 3, A more productive session over the Squat and bench but deads the food is letting me down. Quote for the Month: "Fear is Temporary Regret is Forever" - Unknown OB1
  20. Wanganui

    I'll take that as a no.
  21. Newbie.

    Words of wisdom right there. Thank you
  22. Newbie.

    Welcome mate. Good to have you here. It's true your test levels will decrease as you get older, but typically oldies still have a few other advantages over the young guys... like focus, patience and commitment - all of which will do more for your gains over time than a young guy with high test levels who half-asses it at the gym. Go hard!
  23. My brothers & sisters!

    I think there's a lot of truth in what you just posted. More than many would admit to themselves, let alone others. Kudos for such a brutally honest self assessment, mate! Could not agree more. Hormones throw our emotions off balance, so unless you're completely stable mentally and emotionally, adding AAS into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Trouble is, many unstable people think AAS will be their cure.
  24. SARMS

    Totally with you on the lgd there. I'm currently running 25mg ostarine, 20mg cardarine as well as HcGenerate, clomid and nolvadex and loving it! Think I'm going to run ostarine later this summer as a standalone bridge 😃
  25. SARMS

    Maybe, maybe, ostarine during PCT. LGD, no, itll inhibit hPTA recovery. Ostarine may as well but at a low dose (5mg or less) your LH/FSH recovery shouldnt be impacted. Only problem (or risk) is that its possible your ostarine may not be ostarine at all. Personally, if Im going to use drugs during PCT Id prefer a SERM (clomid, or torem, or better yet enclomiphene) and/or an AI (exem).
  26. Newbie.

    Hello team, I have signed up today, after finding you all several times, in my google searching's for 'making some gains as a senior' I guess I am a senior, in the bodybuilding world at 47 years? I have trained on and off throughout my life, however just went serious this year, I had a weigh in this morning and still on track: 175 cm's 93.7 kgs 14.7 % My goal........100 kgs @ 12% .........OK you can stop laughing now, I know that is a big ask at my age with lowering test levels etc etc but aim high right? Eat, eat, eat, train and sleep..... Looking forward to reading through the knowledge available, hello again.
  27. SARMS

    Oh nice. I ran lgd with test and eq. And I got the feeling the SARM was competing for receptors. Wasn’t seeing much gain and as soon as I dropped the LGD, 💥 boom 💥 I just blew up. I ended up aborting this cycle at 7 weeks anyway but lessen learned for next time. I prefer to run sarms as a stand-alone from now on. Thoughts on SARMS in pct?
  28. SARMS

    Yeah the two SARMS I mentioned previously. Took with test and seemed good. Benched 180 for 5 reps etc on it which I hadn't done in ages. That was a couple months ago now though and haven't been going gym lately
  29. SARMS

    Update on the sarms OP? Did you end up running anything?
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