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    In my opinion, your calories sound too high, I'm extremely skeptical you've gained 5kg lean tissue in 5 weeks of 250mg enanthate. If not impossible. That would be insane. Lower you calorie excess a bit. You want the least amount of fat gain possible. Or you're gonna come off and be a big fat bastard with muscles that doesn't even look like they lift. Also, don't do multiple 5 week cycles. Test E you wanna run for like 12 weeks. It's a slow esther, it's only just gotten up to a stable level in your body recently. Stopping and starting your bodies stuff all the time is probably more damaging in the long run. Stick it out for 12 weeks.
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  4. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W35d2 squat 195 6x3 leg press 210 4x15 leg extension 4x12 ham curl 4x12
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  7. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d5/35d1 added a second lighter bench day for technique practice + hypertrophy pulldown 4x10 + a dropset bench press 90 4x10 db row 42.5 4x10 machine row 4x10 lots of arms
  8. As previously stated estrogen on cycle can be a very personal thing dependant upon a plethora of factors, although remember some estrogen is needed for growth, unfortunately this can leave you exposed to issues with free radicals. Think of aromatase as a polluting, free-radical generating 'factory', taking in testosterone, hydroxylating it multiple times and oxidating off methyl groups as carboxylic acids (eg formate), in the production of oestrogens/oestradiol. If concentrations of aromatase and testosterone rise in tandem beyond physiological norms, the stage is set for free-radical generation that can rapidly overload innate anti-oxidative mechanisms (GSH etc), causing apoptosis of neighbouring cells and ultimately inflammation that can then aggravate the whole situation in a vicious positive-feedback cycle. Also bear in mind that oestrogens churned out and subsequently metabolised can themselves become problematic eg catechol oestrogens, while even 17-B-oestradiol has been shown to be innately toxic, genotoxic and carcinogenic in certain situations/organs, largely via free-radical generating behaviour/activation. However, since most men suffer from longer-term effects and a failure to fully recover after various cycles of AAS, some worse than others, this is generally regarded as proof that the AAS themselves - rather than merely the decline in LH/FSH levels as a result of that negative feedback and shrinkage of the testes - cause long-term harm to cells in the testes, and probably the hypothalamus and pituitary as well. And there is weak evidence for transiently elevated LH/FSH from SERMs undoing that damage. Most will enjoy a temporary boost to test levels, only to see them decline back to a lower baseline once off. In fact, you could speculate their use and the transient boost to test may actually hamper underlying recovery, since most SERMs diminish growth hormone levels, and there is a mechanism via elevated GH and local IGF-1 for the recovery of leydig cell number and density in testes. Some of the known harms from AAS cycles include direct oxidative damage to various cells in the testes and brain. And there is some experimental evidence that various free radical scavengers can attenuate these oxidative harms or balance natural recuperative systems. So in terms of cost/benefit it's likely very worthwhile to take some additional supplements on cycle that may help, like taurine, NAC, astragalus, raw cacao, royal jelly, bioavailable curcumin, etc. Whether you wish to approach the oxidative issue via an AI as well as supplementation is up to you, but there is evidence that combinations of the above supplements do work..
  9. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Friday 22nd March Jacked and Sometimes Tanned Mesocycle 1 Week 11 Day 55 Chest Incline Bench Press 20kgs 5рХ1п 30kgs 5рХ1п 40kgs 5рХ1п 50kgs 5рХ1п 60kgs 5рХ2п Total: 30 Lifts Dumb Bell Flyes 20lbs 8рХ5п Total: 40 Movements Dumb Bell Press 50lbs 6рХ1п 55lbs 6рХ1п 60lbs 6рХ1п 65lbs 6рХ3п Total: 30 Movements Cable Flyes Upper 4 plates 8рХ5п Total: 40 Movements Cable Flyes Lower 4 Plates 8рХ5п Total: 40 Movements Bench Press Pipe Arch 40kgs 6рХ1п 60kgs 6рХ1п 70kgs 6рХ1п 80kgs 6рХ1п 85kgs 6рХ1п Total: 30 Lifts Roll Outs 6рХ5п Total: 30 Movements Notes: Chest: 44th day of this hypertrophy bloc. a bit going on the past week Notes: Mesocycle 1 Week 11, done and dusted. some semblance back iun my training Quote for the Month: "There is no Time for Ease and Comfort, It is Time to Dare and Endure" - Winston Churchill OB1
  10. Enanthate is around 65.4mg of actual hormone/100mg..
  11. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Overhead press 47.5 x 5 47.5 x 5 50 x 4 Front squats 60 kg 3 x 5 Close grip bench 60 kg 3 x 8
  12. Ok cheers, New pome. Guess it's always something of a leap into the unknown (and a bit of a lottery) when you introduce an exogenous amount of hormone(s) into your body. Bit similar to the pill for women... seen ex-gf's react in all sorts of different ways to it, good & bad. I'm quite set on the dosage, as 300mg/wk of test-e (guess about 85% of that is actual testosterone, as in minus the ester) as this is way over (about 6x) my current 6-7mg/day natural production. I have a reliable sports doc who does & will do my blood work, which is a big bonus I figure. Q. for you - what are the first signs of aromatisation, ie. increased E during your cycle? You mention the itchy nipples. I assume bloat (as E causes subcutaneous water retention) and perhaps a sudden urge to watch Home And Away reruns ...??
  13. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d4 Deadlift 202.5 5x3 good morning 60 3x8 1 leg extension 4x12 ham curl 4x12 back ext 4x12
  14. maccaz 2018 prep log

    w34d3 bench 115 5x3 db bench 32.5 2x10, 35 2x10 machine press 70 4x10 tricep pressdown 110lb 5x15 cable fly 60lb 2x12, 50lb 2x12
  15. Hi Wooster, science and med labels will tell you one thing but YOUR personal experience could show another, as I’m sure your aware. Lots of people react in different ways to different compounds. I personally am very estro sensitive and this has got worst with age, if I use test or any aromatising compound at any dose I need an AI if I ran 300mg test a week without AI I would be a water buffalo with DD boobies. I can normally feel a little itchy irritation in the nipples at about the 4th or 5th day if I don’t use AI or some kind of anti e. Guess you will just have to start out with the test and see how you go first, then if you see you need it add it at the lowest dose and work your way up to the most effective dose for YOU! Horses for courses, everyone is different. Good luck mate. Hope it all goes well for you. 👍
  16. Hi Daz, So you don't think 300mg a week of test merits the anti-e exemestane dose, every other day or even E3D ? Better safe than sorry... once the testes are fried there is a much harder road to recovery ost cycle, I'm assuming I'm concerned about the aromatisation & ensuing oxidation effect on the testes cells - 300mg/wk is 6.5x my natural production of test (I had total, free T tested) - surely some aromatization is inevitable, no ? Interesting that you say Anavar would have the effect of leaving tendons brittle - my understanding from the studies was that Winstrol would have this effect but compounds like var and EQ actually speed up natural collagen & bone synthesis and leave the collagen tissue stronger and more resistant than before (granted, the Oxandrolone study was done on burn victims, mainly) Not convinced by the bone broth and dietry collagen (basically just poor protein) evidence, doesn't seem to stand up to scrutiny. How about phytonutrients like proanthocyanidins and quercetin, also leucine rich protein sources for collagen health? The link: I have a (very) Latin Roman first name, and the nose to go with it... hence the Legion avatar.
  17. Hi There.. Regards collagen synthesis you might be better off incorporating bone broth & collagen (from Countdown) into your diet as opposed to contemplating anavar, as research suggests it stimulates growth of the wrong type of collagen, which might increase healing times but leaves tendons brittle and more prone to rupture over the longer term. I had this confirmed from my orthopedic surgeon at Waikato Hospital.. Aromasin is a pretty potent AI, you don't want to limit estrogen too much as it is essential for growth and mood on-cycle.. At 300mg/week I wouldn't worry about knocking out estrogen, but look at negating sertoli and leydig cell damage from ROS via supplementation of Taurine 3-5g/day and Royal jelly 1g/day.. (I've posted studys on both here somewhere).. Where I might suggest aromasin low dose might be in the last week or so end of cycle as you taper off, to avoid estrogen dominance as testosterone lowers.. Interesting avatar, whats the link.?
  18. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Wednesday 20th March Jacked and Sometimes Tanned Mesocycle 1 Week 11 Day 53 Legs Narrow Stance Squats Heels 60kgs 4рХ1п 80kgs 4рХ1п 100kgs 4рХ1п 120kgs 4рХ1п 140kgs 4рХ1п Total: 20 Lifts Leg Press 120kgs 5рХ1п 160kgs 5рХ1п 180kgs 5рХ5п Total: 35 Lifts Scrum Squat 20kgs 5рХ1п 40kgs 5рХ1п 60kgs 5рХ3п Total: 30 Movements McGill Abs 6рХ1п 5 second holds Total: 12 Movements Notes: Quads: hypertrophy phase, 10th week back a repeat of last weeks reps on the Squats top set felt better. Notes: Mesocycle 1 Week 10, half way through. Quote for the Month: "There is no Time for Ease and Comfort, It is Time to Dare and Endure" - Winston Churchill OB1
  19. Hi fellas, lasses I'm new on here as I have had enough of the U.S.A sponsored B.B forums... they all seem to be geared (no pun intended) to selling you something in the end. I've trained seriously for 5 years now (with a good 1 year break in the middle of it during early fatherhood, that was hell on my physique & energy levels...). Went from 81->89kg on pretty much same BF%age (12%) My background is in biology (I sell food & pharma ingredients for a living - antioxidants, enzymes, polymers/coatings for pharma..) and although I'm familiar with the nature of (some) AAS substances, I have no 1st hand knowledge as have not (yet) used. Theory is only a small part of it, I reckon. My 1st cycle is (starting) to look like this: 9 Weeks total 300mg /wk (2 x 150mg injects per week) TEST-enanthate Aromasin (exemestane) 0.5mg /EoD Possibly ANAVAR (I have some pharma grade I 'sourced'...) 30mg ED for 6 of the 9 weeks -> my reasoning here is that I want to increase collagen to combat a history of elbow tendon issues. Oxandrolone has a fairly strong collagen-synthesis action & I figure that the sudden increase in muscluar-strength will be much faster than any tendon/ligament adaptation. What kind of Aromasin dose might be usefull to combat aromatisation, hence limiting oxidative damage of the testes? -----> Other items i'm considering to this end: Magnesium(bisglycinate - easy to digest and well absorbed), Zinc(piccolinate, also absorbed well), Selenium, ample amounts of EPA Fish oil (Vit.E) ..... I'm considering keeping Clomiphene on hand if I have issues recovering, though seen as FSH/LH restart is mostly dependant on the state of your testes I'm not keen on the classic Nolva/Clomid/HCG claptrap routine i've been told by the Bro-science crowd. Tapering off seems a popular method amoungst the guys I know from work (there are a few juicers in our company lab Cheers for any advice or helpfull insight. Kind rgds, W.
  20. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d2 pulldown 4x10 db row 40s 4x10 machine row 5x10 lots of hammer curls and preacher curls
  21. HCG Dosages

    You read wrongly..
  22. HCG Dosages

    Hi, I would be looking at running 250mg/week of test e for 10 weeks. I read it is a good idea to take hcg on cycle to prevent testes from shutting down. I read steriod.com that you shouldn't take it on PCT if you were using it during the cycle. How much hcg should one take while on cycle ? Would one have to get hcg from their supplier? I googled hcg in nz and found a couple online stores of it but not sure if that is the stuff you need. OFF TOPIC: Can one continue to make more gains by repeating the same dosage of test e only cycle down the track when ready for another cycle or will you just end up at the same size as the first cycle of the same dosage ? Many Thanks
  23. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d1 squat 195x8 leg press 200 4x15 leg extension 4x15 ham curl 4x15
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  25. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Monday 18th March Jacked and Sometimes Tanned Mesocycle 1 Week 11 Day 51 Squats: Cent 44 60kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п 120kgs 3рХ1п 140kgs 3рХ1п 160kgs 3рХ1п 170kgs 3рХ1п 165kgs 3рХ1п Total: 24 Lifts Press: Bench Press OverLoad XL 40kgs 3рХ1п 60kgs 3рХ1п 80kgs 3рХ1п 90kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п Total: 21 Lifts Pull: Sumo C 44 90kgs 3рХ1п Total:3 Lifts All Lifts 48 Notes: Squat: Primary Day Cent C44, 11th day back and a better day than the past 4 weeks, Depth was marginal speeds were good. Had hip movement in the hole on 2 or 43 reps not to sure what was going on but not good. Press: Comp Bench Overload XL. Taken the pipe work out so back to the basics Pull: C44 Sumo did my 90 kg warm up after icing the hip but did not want to inflame hip any more so will do Deads on Wednesday Notes: Mesocycle 1 Week 11 two out of three is not to bad Quote for the Month: "There is no Time for Ease and Comfort, It is Time to Dare and Endure" - Winston Churchill OB1
  26. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    I’m the first to admit it ain’t amazing however it was good enough to win Mr NZ last year. Oh and my meat head brain works well enough to coach some of the best competitors in the country. Oh and yeah genetics lol...if you scroll back far enough on this forum you’ll see a time where a lot of the older members took the piss out of me and the first pics I ever posted :) the problem with people with no gains isn’t their genetics...it’s their laziness and over reliance on drugs. True story
  27. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Yesterday Bench Press 70 for 3 x 5 Lat pulldowns 5 x 8 DB incline 30kg x 8, 8, 8, 5 Today Squats 80 x 5 85 x 5 90 x 5 Leg curls 4 x 8 Leg extension 3 x 12
  28. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    I have also seen some of your photos on here trainlikeafreak another amazing physic. Guess you and petn are just genetically gifted nothing to do with hard work, sacrifice and knowledge. 😉😉
  29. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Soooo anyone with a good physique has superior genetics? ....I’d say people with shitty physiques are lazy :)
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