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  2. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W3d1 deadlift 190 4x8 deficit 190 5x4 good Morning 110 3x8 pulldown 5x10 back ext 4x10
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  4. Dbol seller Auckland

    Does anyone know legit seller, I been ripped off by few sellers online. I paid them they never replied after getting the money. any help would be appreciated
  5. New to NZ

    Good day m8s. I just moved from SA. I used a really awesome product called Ciccone. I wanna find out how to get a stable product out in NZ?
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  7. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Is that what your cat told you to do?
  8. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W2d4 bench 120 x 6 spoto 90 4x8 row 4x10 incline db bench 40 4x10 face pull 4x10
  9. Yes but I multiply bw by 17% and have 37% protein 35% protein and 50%carbs.
  10. steroids within new zealand

    What are steroids? Can I get them on here?

    I hope he spat your rice cakes out behind you 🤣

    Cat spat me out on the porch.. was I?

    Look what the cat dragged in. didnt you used to be a most valued member?

    Can you still get Sarms in NZ? All illegal here in Aus now.
  15. Cheat Meals/Days

    Because garbage calories are lyf...
  16. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W2d3 squat 180 4x10 box squat 120 3x8 leg press 4x15 abs x lots
  17. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W2d2 yesterday bench 100 4x10 cg 80 2x12 seated DB press 27.5 4x10 machine row 4x12 kb press 4x10

    Mark Bells - Strength Training channel on the YouTubes is doing a Sarms series might be worth looking at... Maybe be a one sided argument though (conflict of interest)
  19. Earlier

    Hey guys Where can I get BP157 from?
  21. Test cycle

    If you are only going to do one or two cycles dont even bother. In reality youll probably end up doing a lot more if you start. If you stop I doubt you'll go back to training natty for any decent length of time as youll either get back on or give up. Why not take 300-400mg/week? Not like it has to be taken in integer multiples of 250mg/week as you can adjust both the frequency and the volume per injection.

    Yk -11 (10 mg/day dosed 2 x 5mg) ACP -105 (10 mg/day dosed 1 x 10mg) SR9009 (stenbolic) (30 mg/day dosed 3 x 10mg) Thoughts? or experience with any of these
  23. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Do people actually follow these equations?
  24. Test cycle

    I 100% AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE SAID. The only part I disagree with is “if you don’t notice it increase the dose”. If you don’t notice it training or diet is off. 100% you will grow like a weed so why take more? 8 weeks would probably suffice in my honest opinion. very good advice from your trainer. 500mgs plus first cycle is what’s mostly advised but in all seriousness it’s just overkill.
  25. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W2d1 deadlift 170 4x8 deficit dl 170 4x6 good morning 100 3x8 back ext 4x15 wide grip pd 4x12 1 leg ham curls 3x15
  26. Test cycle

    I personally try to reduce harms from AAS on-cycle (via use of antioxidants Taurine 3g - Royal Jelly 1g), and I use incredibly small doses compared to what's typically promoted online, just enough to push me into upper-normal and slightly-supraphysiologic levels over the duration of a progressively up-tapering cycle. I would use ten times that amount in the past with no noticeable improvement in long-term gains or progress. The use of SERMs is no guarantee of recovery whatsoever. And guys kid themselves if they think using HCG to maintain testes size on cycle is going to protect them from harmful effects on-cycle - it does not... Generally speaking LH/FSH come back within days of the end of a cycle, making most PCT drugs utterly pointless. The issue seems to be the failure of the message (LH/FSH) to get through to the testes, possibly because of massive leydig cell death... Although some people are naturally less affected, probably because they have higher innate levels of antioxidants like glutathione... A recent study highlights just how hard it is for former AAS users to recover natural testosterone levels after they finish using steroids. To be clear, this doesn't really elucidate which compounds are easier or harder on the HPTA - we already know nandrolone is spectacularly hard to recover from, but at least 8 compounds were used by more than 50% of the cohort - just that as a group it's unlikely we'll ever recover to pre-steroid levels or to those comparable with age-matched non-users. So what help is the study? Well it does give us three things to consider: (1) prospective new users of AAS should always be made aware that recovery is not a foregone conclusion, and that they may never recover former levels of testosterone (2) most PCTs are a complete waste of time and money in the long-run, even if they may temporarily boost test levels (3) taking as many precautions as possible to protect the HPTA (and especially testes) from free-radical damage should be prioritised on cycle (eg. controlling aromatase/oestrogen levels, using supplements like curcumin, royal jelly and taurine). https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0161208
  27. Test cycle

    Have you considered an Anavar cycle or a SARM such as ostarine. If it’s not a long term vision to use AAS and it’s not for a sporting purpose they are options worthy of consideration. 1ml/250mg a week will do the trick. Your training just has to be hard and consistent as well as your food intake. On 500mg/week you can afford to skip some training days and not eat as much and yield the same results. Which of course is not advised but it’s just a fact of the matter when you’re taking double the amount of testosterone. If I knew you and you asked me which, if you were lazy and inconsistent I would first say nothing then I would say 500. If you were motivated and knew your stuff I would say 250. As for pct, yes you want to do a pct.
  28. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W1d4 bench 95 3x10 spoto 80 3x8 row 5x12 db bench incline 30 3x15 face pulls
  29. Test cycle

    Thanks man, appreciate your advice. Will take this into consideration. I did get told that taking less then 300mg a week is almost pointless. I don’t think that is true, because either way I’ll have mor test in my body. But then some people are saying 500mg is an entry level dose. Seems a lot though, my trainer is taking that now. And he said if I start on that and keep doing it then I’ll end up taking heaps. I only want to run 1 or two cycles though. I don’t want to take it for life. Also why do you think that about pct? What have you taken after cycles? If I was to only take 125mg twice weekly, what would you recommend doing to get your natural test levels back? Because I got told to NEVER start a cycle with out having some sort of PCT on hand.
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