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  2. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Wednesday 21/03/2018 Military press up to 85kg*1 60kg*8 Pull ups bw*8*2 10kg*8*2 bw*10,12 Calf rasies S/S abs 70kg*10*4 + lots abbs Thursday 22/02/2018 Front squats 60kg*5 80kg*5 90kg*5 100kg*5 Preacher curlz A1 22.5kg*10 25kg*10 22.5kg*10*2 Skull crushers B1 30kg*10,12,15,15 Saturday 24/03/2018 BB BP A1 60kg*8 80kg*8 100kg*3 120kg*1 130kg*1 132.5kg*1 120kg*2 BB bent over row 60kg*8 80kg*8 100kg*5 Supine rows bw*10*3 Dead lifts 100kg*5 140kg*3 180kg*1 200kg*1 140kg*5 1 min row 359 min PB Note: been a bit slack with posting and but I am on track for getting my 4 sessions in this week :)
  3. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Overhead Press 45kg 3 x 5 Close grip bench 50 x 10 55 x 8, 8 Rear delt flies (machine) 33kg 3 x 12 Lateral raises 3 x 10 V-bar pushdown 3 x 10 Skullcrushers 3 x 6
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  5. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W11d3 today bench to 95 3x3 deadlidt to 170 3x3 one more light day on monday. Openers and seconds session next Wednesday which will be around openers : 235/125/235 seconds : 250/135/250 (that gives me equal last comp and my best u110 total on seconds )
  6. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W11d2 squat 80 x 5 130 x 2 180 x 1 add wraps 220 x 1 240 x 1 252.5 2x1 abs
  7. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W11d1 bench to 137.5 2x1 and some accsssory
  8. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W10d3 was deadlift 250 2x1
  9. Last week
  10. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Friday 23rd March (подготовительный) Preparatory Micro-cycle 1 Week 11 Day 55 Squats: 44 Centurion 60kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п 120kgs 3рХ1п 140kgs 3рХ1п 160kgs 3рХ1п 170kgs 3рХ1п 170kgs 3рХ1п 170kgs 3рХ1п Total: 24 Lifts Press: Bench Press OverLoad XL 40kgs 3рХ1п 60kgs 3рХ1п 70kgs 3рХ1п 80kgs 3рХ1п 90kgs 3рХ1п 95kgs 3рХ1п Total: 24 Lifts Pull: Conventional Still not ready hip issues All Lifts 42 Notes: Squat: Primary Day C44, 5th day of Friday session. These went ok first work set not the best. Tidied up on the 2nd and 3rd sets speed below .4 on the last rep. Same weigh as last week. Press: Comp Bench Overload XL. After a change around in slingshot Overload just the order. Did 2 sets in the SK 52 to a 2 board. Pull: Still hip issues and because it is Conventional to risky at the moment so just leaving them out till the hip comes right. Notes: Micro-cycle 1 Week 11 Good session to end the week looking forward to next week. Quote for the Month: "The truest measure of a society is how it treats its elderly, its pets, and its prisoners." -- Keeper of the Way Vision of Faith VII CY 9891 OB1
  11. Battle Ropes

    I am not much familiar about this kind of supplements. But would be please if someone share some info on this.
  12. Tradie gains

    Are you interested to try any kind of supplements to gain?
  13. How did you find this site?

    Google has helped me to reach out here. Great community. Glad to be a part.
  14. Arimidex - dont want to biff them.

    Hahaha, yeah bro. I didn't even bother PMing eh, I assumed he'd probably already received like 10 messages
  15. Fat Loss Sups/ first time

    Yeah bro pretty much same here haha. If I'm really stalling though ill do the few day thing. Feel like cheesecake right now :(
  16. Fat Loss Sups/ first time

    cheat days aye, I keep things tight 6 days a week, but on Saturday she's on like donkey kong, I don't go bat shit crazy but I don't count cals or carbs.
  17. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Thursday 22nd March (Бодибилдинг) Poddybuilding Micro-cycle 1 Week 11 Day 54 Leg Press 80kgs 6рХ1п 120kgs 6рХ2п Leg Ext 4 Pls 6рХ1п 5 Pls 6рХ2п Close Grip BP 40kgs 6рХ1п 50kgs 6рХ2п Dips Assisted 6рХ3п Gunnz's 25kgs 6рХ1п 30kgs 6рХ2п Hammer Gunnz's 25lbs 6рХ1п 30lbs 6рХ2п Pull Ups Assisted 6рХ3п Shoulder Press 20kgs 6рХ1п 25kgs 6рХ2п Rear Delts 5lbs 6рХ1п 10lbs 6рХ2п Blast Chain Bench Pulls BW 6рХ1п 1 Arm Farmers Walks 30kgs 40 meters x 2п Pull Down Abs 40kgs 6рХ1п Notes: Secondary Day: mixture of Legs, Chest, Upper Back, Tris, Core Shoulder's and Gunz's added in some Bench Pulls Notes: got a sweat on today and moved a bit quicker around Quote for the Month: "The truest measure of a society is how it treats its elderly, its pets, and its prisoners." -- Keeper of the Way Vision of Faith VII CY 9891 OB1
  18. I forgot to mention they can test for fake gear in your bodies system and give you the knowledge of using anabolic steroids and getting your system back from side effects and even help natural athletes perform to optimal level
  19. Arimidex - dont want to biff them.

    Get in line ratz, it’s gonna be pretty long, bet he’s got a lot of PMs to read. On the outside chance you still got em swing them this way, ratz don’t need them, I heard he was trying to grow moobs, fuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
  20. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Holy He'll! I went to the gym! That makes it 7 times for the year😂😂 Due to staff turn over and illnesses, not too mention the tampon that's always on ACC we've been doing extended shifts and only getting one day off (Not the best when doing night shift permanently). One good thing to come from the madness was the opportunity to change shifts. As of this week I am off permanent nights and only do them if it is overtime. Working permanent 1500-2300 shifts now which is really great and the roster pattern is better too. Had an upper body session 5 days ago and gave the legs a wake up today. New programme being hashed out at the moment and a nutrition plan is in the workings.
  21. New to gymnation

    wow nice experience you have going at GYM over 10 years. I even don't have that kind of experience. I just started. :)
  22. Introducing Myself

    Nice to have a chat with you here. I am also a newbie. :)
  23. Lifting in the House

    Week That Was #109 and #110 enjoy
  24. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Wednesday 21st March (подготовительный) Preparatory Micro-cycle 1 Week 11 Day 53 Squats: 44 Centurion 60kgs 4рХ1п 100kgs 4рХ1п 120kgs 4рХ1п 140kgs 4рХ1п 140kgs 4рХ1п 140kgs 4рХ1п 140kgs 4рХ1п Total: 28 Lifts Press: Bench Press SlingShot Overload 40kgs 4рХ1п 60kgs 4рХ1п 70kgs 4рХ1п 80kgs 4рХ1п 90kgs 4рХ1п 90kgs 4рХ1п 90kgs 4рХ1п 90kgs 4рХ1п Total: 32 Lifts Pull: Sumo C46 Speed 90kgs 2рХ1п 110kgs 1рХ1п 130kgs 1рХ1п 150kgs 6рХ1п Total: 10 Lifts All Lifts 70 Notes: Squat: Metals C44. 3rd Weds back and a bit better than last week. Weight still not where I would like it for speed sets. Will push it up next week to see where I am at. Press: Comp Bench SlingShot 2XL and Overload. This went better than last week work sets in the 90kgs zone and speed up over last week. will keep the weight the same till speeds are higher. Pull: Sumo Deadlift C44. Something is going on here maybe the tighter suit now in the 44 not letting me get in the right position. Will video these next week as a reference for my coach. Speeds all below 0.40s Notes: It ended up an ok session with few things to work on for next week. SK52 on after speed sets a lot of work to do here. Quote for the Week: "The truest measure of a society is how it treats its elderly, its pets, and its prisoners." -- Keeper of the Way Vision of Faith VII CY 9891 OB1
  25. It's about average price for 6 months, but it covers, exercise programming, nutrition and buisness planning. I think its a good price as most REPS accredited personal training programs will take 1-3years so you become qualified at a high level quite fast.
  26. Best courses for Personal trainer

    How does that price compare to other courses? To me, that seems quite steep for a 6-month course, but maybe I'm just blissfully unaware of how much tertiary education costs now. Do you feel like you're getting your money's worth?
  27. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Whatever keeps you in the gym and lifting, I reckon.
  28. Interesting reading the forums about what people think they know related to biochemistry and guessing how it really works in the body !!!! Take my advise and talk to the experts of 30 years in the industry and pay the $$$$$ it might save your life and not ruin it long term at bloodworks.com.au
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