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  2. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Interview went well, wasnt as bad as i was expecting. So as soon as another police check gets cleared will go into candidate pool. Big infantry numbers on Feb and March intakes so fingers crossed. Anyone know what sort of weight for pack marches? And distance? Ive been doing around 35kg and about 7 to 10k
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  4. Beginner Cycle Advice

    This has been covered multiple times. Most recently in a thread not long ago. Read some of the content in this sub forum.
  5. Is it this simple

    Right track bro just give it time.
  6. Hey guys, What are your opinions of 500 mg test e per week? as I have heard several times this is overkill for a first cycle. Also, are clomid and nolvadex both required for PCT? Thanks
  7. Is it this simple

    Right oh, so all I'm looking for is a yep your on the right track or nah just so this or change this and you'll be good. Right so goal is bf reduction. I'm 35 trained on and off for 15 years, bf when I started was 35% (3 months ago). Goal is get to a guesstimate sub 20% Im "over weight", 170cm weigh 95kg, started at 106kg. What I've been doing so far is using mfp, making sure my protein is high around 150g a day, and making sure I'm in a deficit. lift about 4 times a week, it depends on work and commitments. Try to prioritise sleep. Cardio I do some skipping, rope work, kettles, stationary bike and treadmill max incline for at least 10 mins end of session. Lifting I go for big Compounds and some accessory, I have about 8 different programs I follow doing at least 7 exercises a day. If I want to loose weight and body fat am I on the right track? Deficit is sitting at around 500cal def. Work is reasonably sedentary, truck driver on rotational shift. Any advice appreciated or if you think I'm on the right track and it's as simple as cals in cals out and lift heavy that's good. Don't wanna be super man, just a big lighter and have a bit of muscle underneath once I'm done. Not interested in keto, don't believe it's required. Any advice appreciated
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  9. Hey I'm just wondering what the chances are that a few vials of test will get through nz customs ? The international source says there's 88 percent chance it'll make it through and will reship if it gets stopped ? Just wanting to know since my reliable local source has disappeared ..
  10. Bench fun

    Bench. 80x12 100x5 120x5 Work 130x6 sets x 5 reps Triceps Overhead tri xtn Up to 90kg x 10 Superset pushdown 60kg Cable flyes 5 sets up to 48kg per side Abs 5 sets 60kg machine x 10
  11. Bench fun

    Prepping for comps - never competed before Main lift Bench only current gym PR 165kg Sat Benchpress 130kg x 6 sets x 3 reps Back supplementary work T bar row 3Plates x 15,12,12 Meadows row 2plates 15 15 12 Cable row Lats super set weights no recorded
  12. Test Prop

    Well i have no preference for the propionate in particular but that is whats available to me at the moment. I have never done a cycle so i couldnt say i rather prop over test e for example but if it was test e that was available id say that would be my 1st cycle. I had heard the prop is allso faster acting not that that made me more keen on it. Id probably rather a longer ester so as not pinning every 2nd day
  13. Test Prop

    Why are you so set on test propionate?
  14. Test Prop

    Cheers mate good info. Wont be starting cycle for awhile yet as want to get everything in order but appreciate the advice.
  15. Test Prop

    I’d finish the cycle with a short simple taper. Don’t over think it. Honestly some people can run 2000mg of test and not get any signs of gyno others will get a flare up off 200mg. It’s the same as some people having clear skin and others being covered in oily acne from their cycle. who knows until you do it. I would say the fatter you are the higher the probability of getting gyno.
  16. Test Prop

    Hi mate thanks for the tips. That makes sense on the 150 eod. What are your thoughts on tapering after 12 weeks? I know everybodys differnt but in your opinion would gyno be likely on a dose of 600mg per week. Will be making sure all meds are on hand before begining of cycle as still need to drop some more fat and tighten diet up a little more before starting
  17. Test Prop

    Apart from that, the leaner you can get before you start the better. And gyno can always be an issue. Better to have tamoxifen and not need it. Than to need it and not be able to get it. Good luck.
  18. Test Prop

    Hi when I talk about test propionate, test suspension and test no-ester etc I prefer to go off daily or eod dosings rather than a weekly amount as it is a short ester. With test prop you would be better off using slightly lower dosages and taking them more frequently than what you are thinking 200mg twice a week is quite a dose one day followed by nothing for a few days. That is an injection schedule suited more to a longer ester such as enanthate or cypionate. I suggest using one of those esters for the fact that it will be easier to keep your hormones more stable and when you finish they essentially taper off nicely by themselves. If you are set on test prop I suggest 150mg eod which will give you around 600mg per week. That’s going to be a good dose for you.
  19. Fake gear

    Not meant to be like that. Doesn’t mean it’s fake, could just mean it hasn’t been made the right way.
  20. until
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  21. Test Prop

    Hi everyone. Just wondering what thoughts are on test prop only cylcle for 10 weeks at 400mg per week (2 pins at 200mg) for 1st cycle. Gymming 4-5 nights a week. Body fat still needs to come down a bit but diet going well. 31yo. I had read higher body fat could give more chance of estrogen. Allso thoughts on PCT vs tapering appreciated and if gyno would be an issue on a lower dose. Thanks. Mike.
  22. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    Nice man...
  23. Fake gear

    Friend got hold of some testosterone e vials 300mg vials octagon laboratory’s looks legit but you can see faint signs of powder suspended in the oil is that normal ?
  24. I'm 6-7% body fat @ 58 yrs old, have been for decades...
  25. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    I prefer using real life examples
  26. Do your research on LPL, and HSL, via insulin release.. The whole first law of thermodynamics calories in V calories out has been debunked..
  27. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    Carbs aren’t gonna cause fat gain if you’re in a deficit. if you go straight into Keto at this guys body fat %, eating the way that he’s been eating, you’re backing yourself into a wall and not giving the metabolsim a chance to speed up and do its thing. Get some structure, hit your food groups, fuel training, fat loss will take place its not complicated
  28. Hello

    Hello team I am new to forum I had a profile afew years back but is long gone. I try and get into gym 4-5 days a week. Trying to loose some fat and enjoy weights im early 30s now and have noticed its a bit harder to get it off now as am just getting back into it but seeing some small gains. Look fowred to talking to you all
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