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  2. There is a constantly growing body of work in this area. I CBF making an effort but PubMed has 431 results for "body image social media". Poking around would find plenty of on-point work. Not clear how the results of this can have any weight. Psychologists have been working on various aspects of self-image and body dysmorphia specifically for a long time, including the social media dimension. OP is tackling this without psychology. I'm sure it will be a hit with NZ Herald and such.
  3. Plank Exercise

    Isn't this taking a complex approach to a simple problem? Hanging knee raises are good and can be done anywhere. In addition to squats and deadlifts, that's plenty of ab action. If the abs aren't well revealed by being lean, over-developing the abs can leave you looking fatter. Like TLAF indicated, it's all about specificity. What's OPs goal here??
  4. No reason to leave out Goblet Squats. Transition into front squats at a gym laterz.
  5. Hgh testing

    , trying very hard to have those tests done at the same time of day for the reasons given above.
  6. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    Getting close in terms of price, but that stuff isn't even 60g of protein per 100g. Too much nonsense added to the whey. The Just Protein above in the 5kg bag with 15% off is looking pretty sharp. Product looks good.
  7. OnlyHuman's ...

    Week 6 - Recap Training... Training has been very consistent. I trained every day since last update, focusing on upper body pulling movements and doing some maintenance for most other muscle groups. Only one LISS cardio session this week, not really into it at the moment mostly due to time constraints. All sessions were done fasted. Not lifting that heavy but consistently progressing most exercise at this stage... Energy levels were good for most sessions and I only really had one sub-par session on Tuesday for some reason. I cut it short and swithhed to some foam rolling, stretching for the rest of that session. Eating been low carb most days i count / estimate calories in my head. Aiming for about 2200 cals / day. Low carb, at least 2 gr protein / kg of body weight and the rest is fat... Some sample days ... Monday Trained fasted at 8 am 10 - 2 scoops of isolate and 2 tea spoon of peanut butter 12 - 400 gr beef + greens 8 30 - 4 eggs + 2 whites, tomatoes + 2 keto buns 9 - 1 quest bar Wednesday 7 30 - 2 scoops of isolate 12 00 - 120 beef (fatty) + 1 scoop of isolate + tomatoes 4 - 1 tea spoon peanut butter 8 30 - 400 grams of pork meat balls + cucumber salad in greek yogurth Friday 7 30 - 1 x quest bar + 1 scoop isolate 11 - 300 grams beef meat balls + 3 zucchinis as stir fry 4 - Dymatize protein bar 8 30 - Sausages and home made cucumber salad in greek yogurt Today I had one meal so far after training but I will have my Xmass function tonight and we are going to a thai place ... I will just pick a main and some desert regardless of carb content etc... than back into it tomorrow. Progress update Waist measurement Body weight Body fat % Lean body mass Fat mass Week 1 85 78.5 kg 17 % 65.1 kg 13.4 kg Week 3 83.5 77.8 kg 15.8 % 65.5 kg 12.3 kg Week 6 82.5 77.9 kg 15 % 66.2 kg 11.7 kg Some improvements. It could have been much better but "I have fallen off the horse" for a good 7 - 10 days I would say.... obviously consistency is key, and I should have known better. Still ... managed to make some small progress when I pulled finger... yey for that.
  8. Low testosterone

    Good idea. High test/normal test/low test its all the same shit if you don't lift or don't care about lifts.
  9. Last week
  10. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Back coming right quick squat 60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 1 150 5x6 lots of Leg press, extension, ham curls
  11. 2017 log

    I did 290 last week when I retested after the 5 week block. Got an easy 250 squat in sleeves and I'm doing ohp movements now. Moved away from benching but doing it occasionally as an assistance lift to my ohp day. Just focusing on the gymnastics and fitness now though. Whether you deadlift 260 or 300 won't really make a difference to crossfit. Most things will be a small enough % of that, that a bigger max really won't add any benefit. Have been running my trainings as below I think this format will work best for me but my weaknesses are different to everyone else's, fitness comes quick but gymnastics and oly lifting takes lots of practise so I think putting more time into them is more valuable. My sessions are running for a good 2 hours most days. With mobility stuff done at home when I have spare time. Monday: lifting (snatch) ,gymnastics, strength (DL) (example day - Snatch, Snatch pulls, Snatch balance etc, then a deadlift variation and some assistance so strict pull ups and rows or something, then big emom of gymnastics to finish) Tuesday: long conditioning / aerobic work Wednesday: lifting (cleans) / gymnastics / strength (squat) Thursday: rest Friday: lifting (jerks) / gymnastics / strength (ohp) Saturday: Crossfit Sunday: rest I also think I perform and feel a lot better with 2 rest days, if I train 6 days in a row I feel fucked and can’t get good intensity. The gymnastics I add other skills in there and make a wod out of them like an emom type thing. Im thinking of expanding my split out to a ten day cycle rather than a 7 day as listed above. Maybe compressing the 3 strength sessions into 2 and allowing for a bit more fitness and skill work. At least until I master more of the skill/movements. as I get better I will update more.
  12. Low testosterone

    No.. don’t do that. If you are mentally unstable then steroids is going to make that a whole lot worse. If mental illness is what you think is causing the issues, why not talk to your doctor about ways to manage whatever is going on?? Stress etc can be a huge factor and if whatever is bothering you can be made to bother you less, it may be problem solved. I’m not saying this is the black and white answer, but it could be. i would definitely look into this before looking into testosterone boosting medicine, especially due to your age.
  13. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    Shouldn't need a new torch lead, just a alloy liner at most. At 3metres The boc 175 lead is short enough for alloy weldong, I have a boc 175 myself, good little machine, I find it's good for panel work when working at people's homes as it is nice and light to transport and not too hard on the fuses. Only downside is the post gas flow on 2t mode, farken spews excess gas after finishing the weld. Alloy ac tig is tricky if you don't know what you are doing. Wouldn't suggest getting an AC tig unless you are well practised in tig welding or have access to someone who can teach you.
  14. 2017 log

    haven't deadlifted in forever and casually picks up 270 and it feels....good. yea screw you lol
  15. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Been resting back, will squat tonight see how it’s going. Last night bench 60 x 5 90 x 5 110 x 1 120 x 1 100 x 9 90 x 12 90 x 15 (grind) cable row 5x12 cable fly 5x12 biceps/triceps
  16. Low testosterone

    I'd happily do it. Don't know how to get it. I'm thinking of just going to les mills in Auckland and just hitting up body builders
  17. Low testosterone

    Gear lol
  18. Tap, snap or nap

    My brother worked there last year and got me in for the summer. Yeah you get to meet some pretty rich people :D
  19. I.m back in countries now, anyone looking to catch up some training welcome to contact me cheers
  20. I.m back in countries now, anyone want catch up on some training welcome to contact me, cheers
  21. Plank Exercise

    I was mucking around with one of those TRX systems the other day, and discovered (or invented?) a few tricks for abs which I really liked... Doing planks with my feet in the TRX loops raised my body position to parallel with the floor, which makes things a bit harder. There's also the stability factor - having your feet in the loops is much shakier than when they're on the floor. To make things harder again, continue the planks with TRX, but place one hand on a medicine ball. Hold for a few seconds, then swap the ball to the other hand, keeping your plank position. Swap back and forth. Then superset with pike crunches until knackered. (It won't be long.) I haven't really used the TRX much before, but I liked this little routine a lot. I'll definitely be doing it again.
  22. Tap, snap or nap

    Holy shit! How'd you score that one? You're going to get some good tips there, I bet! My boss got an invite to play there a couple of weeks back. Said it was like he'd died and gone to golfing heaven. (And I think I've already said congrats on the exams, but if not, congrats!)
  23. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    back a bit niggly after deadlifts on saturday, so resting up. did bench sunday 95 7x6, some arms and shoulders, thats it
  24. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Bench press 60 x 5 62.5 x 5 62.5 x 5 Pullups 20 total in sets of 5-6, with a pause at bottom and all way up Flat Dumbell press 28 for 3 x 6 - was the highest ive ever gone since stopped lifting, best was i think 38 for 5 and 30 for 20 so theres a goal I suppose Seated row 2 x 8 Tricep rope pushdowns 20kg 3 x 10
  25. Tap, snap or nap

    Well, I've been pretty lousy at keeping this updated. I've been super busy studying and training plus working so hopefully you can cut me some slack. My first year at uni went well, I ended up with a 96% average with a 100th percentile UMAT and got accepted into medicine for next year which was my goal so I'm very happy with that. I've also been training about 10 to 15 times a week. I'll train BJJ 4 to 6 times per week and also gym 6 days a week as well, plus random cardio/striking sessions when I feel like it. Gym wise, I do a 3 day rotation where I do chest and tris, back and bis, then squat/deadlift and arms. I'll go thru 2 rotations a week. I've gotten a lot of muscle back and strength and fitness is at a good level. I got some more ink done last week. I got my chest done and also started on a sleeve on my left arm. I've attached some photos of the work. I'm spending the uni holidays up in Mangawhai caddying at Tara Iti golf course which is a pretty sweet gig. I'm pretty lousy at saving money and all this ink is gonna cost me a few grand so I won't be saving anything this summer but I'm having a good time :D
  26. Hgh testing

    You can get your IGF-1 levels tested which is more reliable and you don't need to get a doctor's referral. However, I think it is a bit more expensive and the result takes a couple of weeks to get back to you as it is not a common test and most labs wait until they have a number of them and do them all at once. HGH is quickly broken down after injection so the HGH measured in your bloodstream is highly dependent on how long after injection you draw blood. Also add the fact that endogenous HGH levels fluctuate greatly during the day and you have a test that is not going to give you a very reliable result. The usual protocol for testing for HGH is to inject 6 to 10iu and get bloods drawn within 3 hours. This should give you a reading that is way above reference range and will confirm whether your HGH is legit or not. It is easier to get your IGF-1 level tested, which becomes elevated in response to HGH treatment. IGF-1 remains at a stable concentration in the bloodstream so it doesn't really matter what time of the day or when your last injection was. The only downside to IGF-1 level testing is that you have to wait for a few days after beginning treatment for your IGF-1 levels to rise and reach maximal concentration. Again, IGF-1 concentration should be above reference range if you are using a supraphysiological dose. If you are using 2iu a day, then depending on your natural levels it may just be on the top end of the range. It may be a good idea to get an IGF test done while you're not on treatment, then another one done a week after beginning treatment and this should show a marked increase if your HGH is quality.
  27. Low testosterone

    Hey team normal test is between 8-30 (something's) mine is a 9. My doc was shocked due to my age (29) so made me do the test again. Again 9. If it was a little lower maybe someone would give me trt but that's a big maybe. I have lots of mental Illness which can all be linked to low test so: how can I get these numbers higher ?? Thanks team
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