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  2. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Leg workout version 2 today. Smith machine squat 1x15 80kg, 1x12 90kg, 1x10 110kg, 1x6 140kg, 1xamrap ATG 90kg on my ares going for 15th rep. Walking d/b lunges 3x10 22kg dumbells for all sets Seated single leg curl 4x8-10 90 on the stack for all sets. Failed going for 8 in the last set. 45° leg press, single leg 5 full, 5 bottom, 5 full, 5 to, 5 full @ 80kg. Seated calf raise 3x15 80kg for all sets.
  3. Finding Gyms while travelling

    Whenever I travel I try find a hotel with a gym or one nearby then you can get a quick workout in daily, otherwise you spend to much time that would be otherwise be better spent sight seeing and enjoying the destination. I struggled in Europe with finding gyms nearby so just skipped training most days and focused on mobility. America isn't to bad but typically a bit of travel time to and from. Most hotels don't have gyms. SE asia was awesome for hotel gyms and gyms in general but that isn't going to help you...
  4. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Friday 25th May(перестраивать) RebuildMicro-cycle 2 Week 1 Day 5Squats: 44 Centurion 60kgs 3рХ1п100kgs 3рХ1п120kgs 3рХ1п 140kgs 3рХ1п 160kgs 3рХ1п 180kgs 3рХ1п Total: 18 Lifts Press: Bench Press OverLoad XL 40kgs 3рХ1п60kgs 3рХ1п 70kgs 3рХ1п 80kgs 3рХ1п 90kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п Total: 18 Lifts Pull: C0nventional Still not readyAll Lifts 36Notes: Squat: Secondary Day C44, 1st week back. A bit better than Mondays effort, 1st week back so only 1 top set. Press: Comp Bench Overload XL. Like the squats 1st week back, speed just on target so no Shirt work. Pull: Hip still not ready for Conventional. Notes: Micro-cycle 2 Week 1, A good end to the first week back, and good to be pushing some tin. Quote for the Month: "If you're afraid - don't do it, - if you're doing it - don't be afraid!" - Genghis Khan OB1
  5. Yesterday
  6. Just protein code

    @ratz99 yeah it's ok, I just find it a bit bland. I've never been a fan of vanilla protein though regardless of brand. Good as a base in smoothies though.
  7. Just protein code

    I gotta admit, this latest batch of Nutratech Vanilla aint tasting so good. BB NZ kindly sent me a free 5lb bag to see if it tasted any better but sadly not. I just have to load more in to make up for the mild taste lol. The Just protein one did taste a bit better in comparison, perhaps i'll reconsider going back to JP. @gazza even though you don't like the Vanilla JP is it bearable?
  8. Just protein code

    @Realtalk each to their own mate. I'm not a fan of the chocolate or vanilla but love the berry. Gotta do what works for you.😁
  9. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Shoulders today. Iso lateral press 1x15 22.5kg, 1x10 30kg, 1x6 35kg, 1xamrap 25kg failed at 14 reps weight is per side. Reverse cross over 4x12 3 plates on the stack for all sets. Tried this on an incline bench today but went back to standing as I found it better. Lying in line lateral raise 3x10 10kg dumbell on all sets. Rear delt machine (single arm) 3x12 145, 160, 160 failed at 10 reps on the last set. Standing side laterals 3x10 14kg, 16kg, 16kg superset with around the world 3x12 10kg plate on all sets. Toasty warm after this with a good pump, rear delts were fried, so job done.
  10. Just protein code

    I have gone back to Bsc. Only having 1 or 2 serves per day. The weekly cost of the total serves is bugger all difference. I would rather have a protein powder that tastes better and has more micronutrients. No one is overseeing what these backyard protein powders contain either. With the likes of balance or bsc you know exactly what you are getting per serve and what you aren’t getting. I enjoyed using just protein but gone off it the same reason I went off nutratech years ago when I thought it was a good deal - Tastes like crap lol. i used to use a lot of powder since using less I feel a lot better.
  11. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Seated ohp 40 x 10 50 x 10 60 x 10 70 x 5 60 3x8 40 x 15 db shoulder press 25 3x10 cable side raise 4 x10 each side rear fly 5x12 high seated row 10x12 triceps/biceps upper body pump was real
  12. Last week
  13. Idle ramblings and observations.

    After 3 more restraints and bruises to go with it, it was time for some rest. Today is my second rest day, shoulders to kick things back off with tomorrow.
  14. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    I have not been consistent in the last two weeks, first week is fine because I was sick, but after that no excuse but still didn't get things back on track. Even with exam study / eating etc. But now I am. Had a really good workout today and did all the excercises I wrote down with decent effort. Deadlifts 130kg for 3 x 3 Sumo deadlift (focus on squeezing glutes at the top) 100kg x 8 60kg x 8 Hadn't done these in a while, seems really good for hamstrings and glutes. Hamstring curls 4 x 8 Pullups 3 x 5 Tbar rows 3 x 8 Dumbell rows 2 x 8
  15. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Squat 60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 5 160 x 8 120 3x10 leg press 200 5x20 emom (RIP) leg extension lots of sets to fail leg opening machine lots of sets to fail biceps and triceps
  16. Fun n Games

    Welcome back, good luck with your goals.
  17. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Alright cheers for the info bro, defs stuff to keep in mind. Will probs keep doing both to get the best of both worlds.
  18. Fun n Games

    I'm Back, had nearly 3 years off - life, work, operations...... and now a lot of excess to undo. can't train in the evening anymore, so used the daylight savings change to break back into going to the gym. So about 6/7weeks in now and 4+ kgs down...... Started with full body every secound day, now legs, push, pull, day off ... happy with progress But got a long road to go to get back to where i was
  19. Was waiting to see if anyone chimed in... if you were looking for competitive powerlifters, I don't know of any at Club K. Powerlifters are dotted around the place - some at various City Fitness (J'ville, Thorndon), Les Mills (Hutt) or a lifting gym like Powerhouse or Viking Bros. Seems to me that most of the Oly lifters are with a club like 41 Barbell or Dark Horse, or one of the CrossFit boxes. Otherwise, you might have to inspire some of the other Club K members to join in lifting heavy things.
  20. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Arms today. Close bench 1x15, 1x12, 2x8, 1xamrap Single overhead extensions 3x10 Overhead cable extension 3x12 Single pushdowns 3x10 Standing d/b curl 1x15, 1x12, 2x6 D/B preacher 3x10 superset with kickbacks 3x12 Training done and dusted, followed soon after with 2 hours of restraining a muppet.
  21. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    PETN covered most of my thoughts. More specifically, with bench press a bunch of shoulder stabilisers are going to be your limiting factor. BB lets you bench more kgs and cause greater stimulus to the targetted muscle groups. DBs would lead to better 'real world' strength, but we are talking more about size (I think). The downside is the forced fixed handspacing - could be that the humeral head moving and rotating through that range is a bad idea for some. Type 2 or 3 subacromia for example. Buut DB training means a strong side isn't dominating the lift. Short version - neither is better overall, but for size gains most muscle groups people look at will grow faster with barbell training cos heavier.
  22. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    lmao I see people doing this sometimes
  23. I reckon either would be fine but I'd prefer to keep using both. DBs have the advantage of being easier on your joints being able to rotate through movement and not having your hands fixed along a straight line. On some movements you can get better contraction too doing only one side at a time rather than symmetrically with both hands/sides of the body. BB has the advantage of being fixed (disadvantage for joints) so that horizontal force components exerted by the person cancel out. Thats why if you're benching 180 for reps you won't be benching 90 for reps with DBs. Still would rate the DB movement as being better for chest though but probably would be the opposite for deadlifts using DBs as that would be shithouse.
  24. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Not tryna start an argument, genuinely curious, but is there any evidence to back this up bro? It just sounds a bit bro science to me, that's all. I don't really see why you can't elicit the same progression through other means of training at the same speed, given everything else is equal and you are training just as hard.
  25. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Bench press 90 4x8 60 x 20 seated row 20/side 8 x amrap machine fly mid weight lots of sets of 10s till wrecked wide pull down mid weight lots of sets of 10 again till fail Lots of triceps and biceps
  26. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    damn man, I really love dumbell training as I feel I can do it safely alone. Was really excited about training :( lol I have to rethink things.
  27. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Yeah that's me a month ago. Pretty sure (physical) progression is faster with barbell training, compared to DBs. No point getting slow results, assuming results are the point of your training.
  28. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Wednesday 23rd May (перестраивать) Rebuild Micro-cycle 2 Week 1 Day 3 Squats: 44 Centurion 60kgs 4рХ1п 100kgs 4рХ1п 120kgs 4рХ1п 140kgs 4рХ1п 150kgs 4рХ1п 155kgs 4рХ1п Total: 24 Lifts Press: Bench Press SlingShot Overload 40kgs 3рХ1п 60kgs 3рХ1п 70kgs 3рХ1п 80kgs 3рХ1п 90kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п 100kgs 3рХ1п Total: 21 Lifts Pull: Sumo C44 Speed 90kgs 2рХ1п 110kgs 1рХ1п 130kgs 1рХ1п 150kgs 6рХ1п Total: 10 Lifts All Lifts 55 Notes: Squat: Metals C44. 2nd day back so just seeing where my actual speed is ended on 155 so next week should be back to 160s. Happy with as Monday things felt a bit sluggish so good start. Press: Comp Bench. Just used the Overload as not quite ready for the SK. Pull: Sumo Deadlift C44. Wondering how these would go and very surprised at the speed. As the last few weeks on the last Micro-cycle speeds were sometimes below the target and on occasions just on the target speeds. Today they were all in the mid to high 4s, Will use this as a future reference to see if it changes in about 10 weeks. Notes: OK session with being the 2nd day back Quote for the Week: "If you're afraid - don't do it, - if you're doing it - don't be afraid!" - Genghis Khan OB1
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