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  2. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    I've borrowed some stuff from the gc's at the gym i train at, a squat rack, power bar, 200 of bumpers, and a flat bench. good enough for everything i'm keen to do at the moment training wise. def enjoying training at home again so will buy my own gear once i know what's happening with my job/where I'm going to be living in 3 months :)
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  4. Game Changers

    You're a deluded idiot! All randomised clinical trials have shown meat and animal fat are harmless, but vegans like to use epidemiology to deceive others into an ideological diet!
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  6. Game Changers

    Few points about the game changers: Plant protein is not nearly a bio-available as animal protein, That corn in your shit gave you nothing. The producer James Cameron has recently invested millions and millions of dollars into pea protein supplements #conflictofinterestmuch. Most of the athletes in the mockumentary are now performing at a lower lever, have got injured, or started eating meat again. There is no credible scientific evidence that meat is bad for you, weak epidemiology is not proof. Relative risk means nothing without absolute risk. Arnold still eats meat!!!!!!! Why would a human eat a diet that does not give them essential nutrients thus requires them to buy pharmaceuticals? i.e B12 EPA etc. Beta carotene is not vitamin A Long term vegan's usually have "bug eyes", it is real. Look at Wilks' eyes! Probably because you can't get collagen from plants.
  7. Game Changers

    TMAO is just another pseudoscience vegan/PETA beat up. The highest sources of TMAO are in oily fish! Hmmmm Oily fish are known to be good for heart health! But if we isolate things in a petre dish we can show they are dangerous? See what oxygen does when isolated in lab conditions! Super toxic! Oxidative damge etc. Should we stop humans consuming oxygen then?
  8. Newbie

    Hey, welcome
  9. maccaz 2018 prep log

    smolov/smolovjr mix up type thing while im stuck at home with a lot of time to train w1d1 bench 87.5 6x6 bb row 60 4x10 arms
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  11. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W1d4 yesterday squat 110 10x10 split squats lunges put together a good program I’ll start today
  12. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W1d3 (Friday) lots of rdls, sldls
  13. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    Use google. Or say what city you are in and we can provide information on where to go.
  14. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    This might sound kinda dumb because i did not have this in the country i came from...... Do they sell those luer lock 1ml syringes? and do you need a prescription to get those syringes and needles??
  15. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    normally you get from Needle exchange in your city
  16. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    Nice Sarge, With A Power Rack, bars, plates and a FID Bench you've got everything you need to cover all the productive lifts!
  17. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    garage is a bit of a mess at the mo. just bought a 6ft long heavy bag, so that will be me sorted for the month I think 🤔
  18. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    Nice bro plenty of gear. we have a few KB, 200kg of bumper plates, an oly bar, concept 2 rower and assault bike. Wish I had of bought a little rack, bench and pull up bar before the shutdown but will get it afterwards. I train at home now anyway so been using this gear for a while. It’s amazing what you can do with little equipment. Can’t say I miss going to a full gym.
  19. Hey guys, where do you all usually get your syringes and needles in NZ? or is there a website that i could buy them from?
  20. Was just having a quick chat with Andy Murray online after seeing his home gym set up for working out during the lock down and thought I would start a topic on what everyone has set up at home to train, hopefully to inject some positivity at this time. When I shifted house recently all my old PT studio gear was disassembled and sitting in our garage along with a whole house lot of other assorted stuff. I was looking to hane on to all it for when my kids are old enough to want to start training but my wife was able to give me a hand and get the key pieces assembled as we saw they gyms about to close. I have a: Full Power Rack w/Lat Pull/Low Row Smiths Machine 2 Adjustable FID Benches, 1 with Preacher and Leg Extn/Curl (both removable) Seated Calf Raise 7" Olympic Bar Safety Olympic Bar 2 Olympic Ezi Curls Bars About 200kg of Rubber Coated Oly Plates About 200kg of Standard Plates 3 Tier Dumbell Rack Fixed dumbells 12.5-50kg (just an old hagged commercial set) 2 Pairs of Spin Locks, one takes up to around 30kg the other takes up to 65kg Lat Bar, T Lat Bar, Double D Handle, Tricep Rope, V Tricep Handle, Dip Handles for Power Rack, Ab Slings, 2 Suspension Trainers, AB Mats, Thick Rubber Bully Mats, Wall Mount Chin Bar. 2 Basic Stationary Bikes Boxing Gear and Focus Mitts Swiss Balls, Foam Rollers Not all the toys you find in commercial gyms but hopefully enough to stay sane during this time, If anyone else has a set up, would be great to hear what you have? Stay Safe, D
  21. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W1d2 bench 70 5x10 cg bench 60 5x10 side raise 5x10 rear fly 5x10 curl 30kg 3x10 bar row 60 5x10
  22. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W1D1 moving squat rack, plates, bench etc out of mates gym that isn't allowed customers due to corona virus, and into my garage Squat 100kg 10x10
  23. maccaz 2018 prep log

    picking up this journal again, as it keeps me accountable better than just writing my training in an app on my phone. so i did a deadlift comp last year and pulled 280kg, after that being a new parent etc took priority (as it should) and work got really crazy, and i more or less burnt out towards the end of the year, training was bottom of my list of priorities. have had the odd crack at getting back into it since, but pretty half assed. now with this coronavirus shit and being stuck working from home for the time being I figured most of my excuses (time, travel, etc) for not training are gone now so im feeling pretty positive about getting back into it. Currently a fat, weak, natty 118kg. Tidied up diet a fair bit lately and have just sorted some home gym gear to train properly TLDR, wasn't training for ages, had a baby, worked too much, now i am training again
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  25. Carnivore Diet

    Cheers!! yeah not sure about long term. but at the moment I’m feeling great. My bloods are fine. cholesterol is fine. Liver is fine. so I’m probably just going to keep on doing it until I’m absolutely bored shitless of it then probably just go meat and vege. the no sugars or cabs thing is huge and I’m really enjoying that! No crash after eating.
  26. Carnivore Diet

    Wow that is a bloody good improvement! Awesome work bro! I have only heard great things about carnivore diet. Not sure about long term but for hitting some weight loss goals and fixing some health issues it seems to do the trick! Wicked.
  27. Acne After Steroids

    High vitamin A/zinc supplement
  28. Acne After Steroids

    Get your diet cleaned up. Do some intermittent fasting. All of this will help normalize hormones and reduce inflammation
  29. Stranded

    Hey all, I used to post on this forum maybe 10 years back when it was nzbodybuilding...... was a good laugh, forum looks kinda dead these days though ? Or is there a more popular one google is not showing me ? Anyway, ill be brief and can reply if need be, I have spent the last 10 years travelling and living abroad, however due to Covid-19 i am currently stranded back in my hometown for the time being so thought while i have this extra time on my hands it would be a good idea to hit the gym hard (along with some quality eating and supplementation of course), have joined one of the popular gym chains here and must say im very impressed with the size and quality of equipment on hand. Speaking of supplementation, still trying to get my bearings so if anyone can point me in the direction of a good supplement store in the christchurch area and a doctor who knows about HRT i would appreciate it. I have included two pics, first pic is just before i flew home and second pic was a month after landing, enjoy your sunday afternoon all. Speak soon !
  30. Carnivore Diet

    Before photos were taken late October last year after I just got out of the cast from a broken ankle. the now ones were taken...well...just now..
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