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  2. Sterile viles

    The f*ck you get those pvdf 0.2 filters??
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  4. My Log August to December 2017

    Ride bike 5 mins on level 11 Squat. 60x2x5 80x2x5 100x1x5 117.5x5elt and sleeves Leg extensions 4x 8
  5. I think most people feel like they've got lower genetic limits than most people. I say that as a joke, but I actually think it's true too. Statistically, half the people I know must average-or-better genetics - but I don't know many who would believe it.
  6. To be fair, if you're moving from bb to powerlifting to Oly lifting, then you probably haven't trained enough for size in order for progressive overload results to diminish and consider it your 'natty limit'.
  7. Steroids

    Or, lift for more than 5 minutes before choosing to take a short cut.
  8. Nothing like some delicious Trenbolognese
  9. The Daily Grind

    That's my competitive year done I think. Pecs no good for max work, and felt a little funny on super light machine work. Went in and started warming up on the pec machine, straight away I knew there would be no benching today.. The worst thing about it is thst I've never had this injury before so have no idea how to manage it or how much I can work through it. Not real gutted but things were moving really well and 152.5 second attempt was likely. I completed 2 bench comps this year 147.5 and 150kg. I really wanted the third competition to close in closer to 160. Oh well. Time to get over it, find new goals and work towards that huge pump in the gym today push/pull super light weights
  10. Last week
  11. Why waste ten years reaching “your limit”? It’s just wasted time really, if you are gonna get on eventually regardless. Id agree if you were on the fence about using, but if you’re gonna do it then why delay the inevitable (inb4 someone interprets this to mean every person new to the gym should take gear - I’m not saying that so calm down lol) 5-6 years inconsistent is 5.5 years longer than everyone else that starts in this day and age lol
  12. No 1 Fitness

    I would just go these guys for NZ equipment. Best price for quality I can see out there. I started off with No1 then pretty much sold it all off and re-built with Powerfit and ended up losing a bit trying to save up front wasn't a good idea. Then again not everyone needs a 300kg+ rack and sturdy bumpers but i'd say most Powerlifters would/should. http://powerfit.nz/
  13. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Yes sorry was having a bad day. Can't say I've seen anyone on here talking about air force?? All been army
  14. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Be nice, Bruizer! There's nothing particularly wrong with Amenon's post. His first question is perhaps a bit "old school English" in style, although it's actually fine grammatically. But if you need it translated, he wants to know what it's like to be an engineering officer.
  15. Steroids

    You reckon? I'm not sure that happens as much as it once did. I've got no proof of that, of course, but my hunch is that most sellers have moved to more productive pastures like Facebook. BahLiew, in case someone DOES contact you offering to sell steroids (also against our rules, BTW), just be highly suspicious of anyone who will contact a stranger and offer to sell them illegal drugs. There's every chance you will get scammed.
  16. Chasing that total

  17. Chasing that total

    SSB squats Bar 55x5 75x3 95x2 115x1 135x1 155x1 Add wraps 175x1 200x3 Deadlift touch n go 200x1 220x5
  18. Bursitis

    Get a safety squat bar. At least you could squat then
  19. "Supplementation" lol You mean gear. You've been lifting 5 or 6 years not consistent. And you've reached your genetic limit. Really? Most people's natural limits are far higher than they think. If you just cop out and say you've reached the limit, you've probably given up and training like a wuss. My advise, put in at least 10 years ball busting work then re visit the issue
  20. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Knowing how to make sense would be a great start
  21. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Not yet but sounds like we could be in the same boat.
  22. My Log August to December 2017

    Cable suff to warm up shoulders delts, tris. Light stretching. Bench. 60x2x10 80x1x5 100x5x5. cable rows 4x8 standing cable crunches 4x8.
  23. The Daily Grind

    DEADLIFT 230x2 242.5x1 180x10 180x10 180x10 Pull through 200 Belt on all sets. 242 didn't move that great.
  24. Bursitis

    So i finally got back in gym after hernia surgery and started to get on a bit of a roll and have now damaged my left shoulder a.c. joint and have sub deltoid bursitis, so painful to do any upper body exercise. I'm getting cortisone shot tomorrow which they reckon should sus the bursitis, anybody had this before? Should I be able to keep gymming fairly soon?
  25. Steroids

    lmao his inbox will already be flooded with PM's i'd say
  26. Steroids

    Ask your Dr for a prescription.. Or ask the biggest guy at your local gym and take your chances..lol..
  27. Steroids

    Sorry! Me and my friend just got curious! Thanks for letting me know about the rule 😊
  28. The plan...

    OK, I suspect our cache table was corrupted, which was probably causing all sorts of issues like slow page loads and server crashes - so if the website has been behaving badly for you, blame it on that. Anyway, I think we're up and running. There'll still be little tweaks as things annoy me but, by and large, we've finally arrived at the destination. Phew! So... Welcome to your new-look Gymnation.
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