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NZ's bodybuilding, strength and fitness community
  • New Zealand’s premier gym and fitness community since ages ago.

    The Gymnation community started way back in 2004 as NZBodybuilding.co.nz, and we’ve grown significantly in the years since then.

    Much more than just bodybuilders now, our members include powerlifters, crossfitters, obsessive gym junkies, and people who just want to lose the flab or tone up for the beach. We also get athletes training for a number of other sports, from rugby to boxing to MMA.

    We love that Gymnation has now become a place where athletes from all disciplines can meet, discuss ideas and techniques, and learn from each other.


    We’re completely independent and impartial – and proud of it.

    It’s hard to find trustworthy information in the fitness industry. It used to be bodybuilding magazines that were full of hype and advertorials masquerading as fact. Today, that’s social media. The bias and misinformation hasn't changed – just the way it’s delivered.

    At Gymnation, we’re objective and impartial. We’re not owned by any sporting association, supplements company or gym. These organisations may purchase advertising on the site, but they have no influence on its content.

    If a product or service is flawed, our members are allowed to say so. There’s no censoring of opinions here (unless a post breaches our terms and conditions).


    We think a good debate is good for everyone.

    In this game, there are many different theories about what’s best – whether we’re talking about a product, a service, a training technique... Whatever the subject, we welcome friendly debate and discussion, and encourage people to provide background research to support their views. Whether or not we reach a consensus, everyone learns something in the process, and that’s what Gymnation is here for.

    So what are you waiting for? Jump onto the Gymnation forums, and join New Zealand’s gym and fitness community.

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